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The Amazon Is On Fire: Here’s How You Can Help

Amazon rainforest fire

The Amazon rainforest is on fire right now. And as we speak, the fires are growing at alarming rates. But what caused these fires? How can they be stopped? And what can we, (even on the other side of the world) do to help?

I’ve done some research. As who’s passionate about the environment, as well as a previous Nature Conservatory donator for several years, here are some ways you can actively help the forest fires (even if you’re far away).

What You Need to Know About the Amazon Rainforest Fires:

The late summer months (as we know them here in Southern California) of July and August are some of the driest seasons for the Amazon. A forest that’s typically wet and humid can become very arid during this time of year. And when there’s farming or crop-readying, it can sometimes cause fires in these terribly dry areas.

The Amazon rainforest has about 20% of the world’s oxygen which means that we’re actively losing the air we breathe.

Here’s Where You Can Donate:

I live in San Diego; I can’t possibly be there to flush out the flames (and I’m assuming you might not be able to, either). But what you can do, is donate your time, money, energy, and resources to help protect the rainforest now, and in the future.

  • DONATE: Rainforest Action Networkwhich helps protect the rainforest, one acre at a time.
  • DONATE: Amazon Watch or Amazon Conservation Team, which help protect the forest, protect the rights of those who live there (animals, plants, and people) and fights climate change.
  • DONATE: Rainforest Trust, which helps buy land in the rainforest to protect it.
  • DONATE: Amazon Conservation, where your money can help plant trees and habitats, restore and preserve areas, buy solar panels, and sponsor education so others can learn more.

Here Are Steps You Can Take to Help (Besides Donating) Right Now:

  • USE RAINFOREST-SAFE PRODUCTS: And check with your local grocery store or online to make sure what you’re spending money on is rainforest safe. You can also buy rainforest safe products on the Rainforest Alliance website.
  • REDUCE CONSUMPTION: Especially of paper and wood.
  • RAISE YOUR VOICE: And contact the elected officials in your area.
  • SEARCH WITH INTENTION: Especially on sites like Ecosia.org, where a tree is planted for every 45 searches.


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