Be A Blessing

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Who are you? Who are you becoming? Who and what are you meant to do, to be?

These questions fill our minds, don’t they? We move through our days in relentless pursuit of the answers, trying to discover our passions, our purpose, our place. We are told to work hard, encouraged to be our best, and then also pushed to follow in the footsteps of the people before us. We are cautioned to be careful, and yet successful; reprimanded for following our dreams if they’re ‘unrealistic’ or ‘unprofitable,’ but disregarded as stagnant if we aren’t driven to pursue what we love.

On one hand, the world says money isn’t everything. On the other, it says that money is success, power, and ultimately happiness. We are strengthened by words of encouragement to do what feel in our hearts is right…but then when those things leave us without a ‘practical’ or ‘stable’ source of income, those same words of encouragement fall flat.

There is so much, and so many people telling us who we should be, what we should do, or the advice to follow. We’re pushed and prodded and spun in circles trying to discover our meaning in a world that is filled with distractions, vices, inequalities, connections, changes, and fear.

But what if our purpose wasn’t about what we did, what we had, what we gained, or even about us at all?

What if our true purpose was about being a blessing to the world, in whatever capacity or through whatever means makes sense?

What if our purpose wasn’t about seeking financial stability or strength, but about sharing our gifts with people who need it? What if we weren’t seeking selfish desires, but looking for ways we could grow with and alongside those around us?

What if we weren’t so worried about, so focused on who we were becoming—we were simply letting ourselves bloom?

What if our purpose wasn’t about finding how to be successful, rich, or happy, but about being a blessing, and as a result, being blessed in return?

I think we spend so much time stressing over questions we can only find the answers to in trying, in working, in taking chances. We want to know why we’re here—but the only way we can figure that out is if we do things and see what their impact is, or how it makes us feel.

Instead of looking at a career as a means to an end, what if we shifted our perspective and saw how that simple office job could impact another human being? Or how the things we create could shift a single person’s perspective? Or how the simplicity of crunching numbers or struggling through long hours really brings food to the table and passion and peace in the hearts of your family members?

Maybe it’s not about getting all that you can for yourself, but finding what interests you and doing that thing with the entirety of your heart—for yourself, for your family, for your Father—because everything you do honors Him.

Maybe it’s not about worrying so much if you’re doing the right thing, but letting God guide you in the direction you’re meant to head.

Maybe it’s not worrying about how good you’ll do, what success or money you’ll earn, but about the impact you can make, the change you can start, the drive that will push you to even greater heights.

Maybe it’s not about finding your purpose but creating purpose in giving to the world around you.

And how much pressure does that take off?

You don’t have to stress through your days trying to discover meaning—let the meaning come. Let your heart be challenged and encouraged and strengthened as you do things not simply for yourself, but for others. Let the answers be shown to you as you pour all of yourself into the job, the work, etc.

Don’t worry so much about your purpose. Do what you love, do what you don’t in order to help yourself or family survive—but do it with passion and selflessness in your heart—and let God show you who and what you’re meant to be.

Featured Image Credit: Vince Fleming

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