I Think Of You, And I Can’t Help But Wonder

📷: Logan Fisher

I think of you,
and my mind traces back to places
where we’ve walked
hand and hand
as if the creases of our palms knew
one another,
as if the lines foretold our futures
before we knew how to kiss forever
onto one another’s mouths.

I think of you,
and I am swept
like shells in the ocean current
spiraling away
from all I’ve ever known,
crashing into
your shore, safe
and unfamiliar all the same—
every little piece of me
finding a home amongst the sand.

I think of you,
and I imagine the melody of our laughter,
of long summer days
and my bare feet on your lap.
And I can’t help but wonder
whether the fire of your kiss
will fade to a familiar warmth,
or if the sound of your voice
will become the track I hum to,
radio dial turned up,
arm hanging lazily from the driver’s side window.

I think of you,
and I can’t help but wonder
if you’re sitting in my passenger seat,
singing the same tune—
each word, a promise
leaving your lips.