I Think Of You, And I Can’t Help But Wonder

I think of you,
and my mind traces back to places
where we’ve walked
hand and hand
as if the creases of our palms knew
one another,
as if the lines foretold our futures
before we knew how to kiss forever
onto one another’s mouths. Continue reading

I Want To Love You Impossibly

“Love is messy,” she says,
and I want to know what she means—
is it soft, like clay beneath your fingernails,
is it like syrup, sticky and sweet on your lips,
is it dirty clothes in the hamper, footprints
on both the linoleum, and your heart?
Is it all the ways we’ll fight and scream and fill
the house with our loud imperfection?

Is it how I willingly accept all this—
and you—without hesitation? Continue reading

An Airport Kind Of Love

I feel you
in the tread of wheels on pavement,
steady and certain,
in the inhale of breath before takeoff,
as my heart catches in my chest.

I feel you
in the city lights dancing miles below,
in the way we are connected—
earth and sky, leaving
and longing
and the space between
where we close our eyes
and feel one another’s heartbeats
through phone lines, seatbelts,
baggage with worn straps. Continue reading


Your lips
have already written stories
into my skin,
stories that taste
of both freedom and roots.
Like ripe fruit
on my tongue.
I have already started
for your mouth
to speak more words to life
over my every cell.

And that is to say
don’t let me fall
from your vine. Continue reading

The Lost Generation

We don’t run our hands
along the spines of books
or smell fresh ink on pages.
We slide fingertips over skin
searching, longing.
We hide behind screens—
letters typed and cold.
We can’t lay on cool grass,
pick green blades,
count quiet stars.
makes us stagnant
We hate
feeling stuck. Continue reading

I Won’t Let You Break Me

He says he will wait,
says it all romantically
because he knows that’s what I want,
know I have always been guarded
when it comes to matters of my body,
but never my heart.
He knows I’ve always been a woman of faith;
my body will always be my temple.
Mine to own
and to protect.
He says he will wait,
says it all sticky-sweet
coating my mind like syrup.
Says he will wait
but push my limits
to see where I’ll stand firm
and where I’ll falter.
To see how far I’ll go.
But that it isn’t love—
making someone lose
a sense of who they are
just to find a place in your arms.
Bending someone
until they break
for you.

I Dreamt Of You (Again)

In this dream, you were different.

This time, you didn’t tell me that you missed me, that you never stopped loving me, that you knew we’d find each other again. Instead, you handed me a note when I walked through your apartment door. An apartment I’ve never been, mind you, but it felt like you, smelled like you, looked exactly how my non-sleepy mind would have imagined it. Continue reading

Illinois Thunder

I still remember that rainstorm. It was late August. Night.

I woke from my sleep and crawled towards the window, pressed my nose against the glass like I used to do as a child, hopeful and tender. Outside, the rain scattered across the streets, persistent and unafraid. Thunder cracked, and I forced myself to stay, to keep my eyes open, to watch as lightening ripped across the sky, bold and brilliant.

All my life, I’ve wished to be a storm, a force to be reckoned with.
But in that moment, my hands shook as they gripped the wooden window frame. Continue reading

Comparing You To The Ocean


There is much to be said about the ocean’s consistency,
The waves, the sound, the break against the shore,
The warmth and the cool and the rushing tide turning to foam.

There is much to be said about the ocean’s reliability,
The settling, the sweeping, the shards of shells coming in and out,
The salty air in noses.

But the ocean is big, is endless, is ever-changing
even in all the ways it is steady.
And I think that’s what scares me the most.