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Love Comes In Waves

Love Comes In Waves, couple sitting by beach

Love comes in waves.
In the stillness
before dawn, when neither of us are awake.
And in the frenzy of mid-morning as we dance
around one another in fast-forward,
sipping our coffee and tea, packing lunches, cruise-control kisses
but my heart swells
at the grin I can taste on your lips.

We move so quickly, but love slows
us down. And I feel the warmth
of your hug wash over me,
like stepping into the shore
and losing my footing in the tide.
I welcome the rush.

There is an ebb and flow
to the way we move—
together and apart,
in and away
from one another’s touch.

The alarm echoes in our shared silence
and I can’t keep myself from pressing my lips
into the crease between your shoulder blades.
Drowning in this sea of blankets
I surface
to the softness of your skin.

In this unpredictability,
you are my anchor.
And in this rhythm,
I rest.



Featured Image Credit: Justin Groep


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