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God Redeems The Broken

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God. Redeems. You.

This has already happened. This plan was set into motion before you were even born. There is nothing that you can do or say to make Him love you less, or for Him to take away the blessings and forgiveness you’ve already been given.

He loves you. And this will not change.

And sometimes you’re going to be overwhelmed by the things of this world, or upset at the circumstances of this life, or just forget who you are or who He is. But He is here for you, always and without question. He has died for you so that no sin will be too great to wedge between your existence and His presence.

He has brought you away from the pain and into the light.

Whatever brokenness you have or will face, He has already overcome. Remember that.

I know sometimes you feel like you’re just too far gone for Him to love you, like you’ve made so many mistakes He’s not even paying attention anymore. I know sometimes you think you’re hypocritical, or stupid, or should just give up. But the thing about our Father is that His love is unconditional. He doesn’t just walk away when we make another mistake. He doesn’t just turn His back when we’re less than perfect (and thankfully, because we’re human and this is inevitable!). He doesn’t just stop caring when we’re going through another turbulent time.

He’s here. He’s staying. He’s our God.

I know there is a pounding in your head, and aching in your heart for all that is burdening you. But none of those things are of Him or meant to be suffered with Him in your life. Accept His Son’s sacrifice, His truth, His promise. Let Him take away the pain. Let Him cleanse you.

Let Him be your Savior—He already is.

I know you’re afraid to believe. Afraid to believe that God might actually be real, that He might actually listen to your cries or lift you from your burdens. (But guess what? He already has.) You’re just scared to trust in the truth of His Son’s sacrifice. It feels easier to live in pain than to trust in the unknown, than to hope things will get better. (But guess what? They will.)

Cast off your pain; cast away your demons. Trust that God finds you in the midst of your brokenness and redeems you, right where you are.

Trust that He has been watching your struggle, just waiting for the moment you let Him in. Trust that He loves you beyond measure, and there is nothing too great for Him to mend, to heal, to love.

God will meet you in your place of emptiness, of shame, of loss, of sin. He will show you all that you are and have the potential to be. He will be there, without question or hesitation or doubt.

Just let Him.

Let Him love you; let Him in.

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