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Are There Even Words That Can Make Sense Of Death?

person trying to make sense of death

A good friend of mine lost a loved one recently. And as he grieves, I find myself running in circles with my words. Are there even words that can make sense of death? It’s like I have so much to tell him, so much of myself that I want to pour into his soul.

I want to make him understand that death isn’t snynonymous with ‘end.’

To see himself from outside of the tunnel he’s in, to see the light again, to know that he’s not at fault. That the world is still beautiful, that he’s a wonderful man. Even in his brokenness.

We’re all a little broken. This I try to remind him.

I try to cover his pain with my lines of verse. But maybe I’m just painting over the cracks. Maybe he needs to feel these breaks, these faults in the foundation of the person he’s been.

I just hope he knows he’s loved.

Maybe that’s all I can do. Close my eyes and pray that he sees he’s not alone.

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