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There Is No Such Thing As Hopelessness In Christ

smiling woman who believes God loves you

To be hopeless: to look forward without excitement, happiness, or joy. To walk through your days on autopilot, just trying to get through. To not want to engage with people around you or do the things you love. To be defeated, even in opening your eyes. To simply give up.

If any of this describes you, I understand. I’ve been there—we’ve all been there at times. We’ve all felt the loss of a loved one, the wrath of abuse or anger, the heart-twisting pain of watching a relationship fall apart. We’ve all lost a job, felt out of place, stood on the sidelines as our world crumbled apart.

But let me remind you of one simple, powerful thing: Even in these moments of darkness, God is standing beside you. And you will find a way to move on.

This will be true for you, no matter what you’re experiencing right now. And that is not to say that what you’re feeling isn’t real, or is easily brushed off, or doesn’t matter in the big scheme of your life—it does. But pain is not forever. But the heartache won’t define you. But the remainder of your days won’t be surrounded with this emptiness.

But your God loves you, and won’t let you walk through these days alone.

You can and will heal and push through. This just takes time, takes attention, takes intention and love and conscious thinking and prayer. This just takes patience and the will to support yourself on this journey, even when everything hurts. This just takes trusting that God hasn’t forgotten you, and He will bring purpose from your pain.

Sometimes the reason is unclear. Sometimes there is no reason. But we can’t lose hope. Because our Father is with us, gave His Son for us, and is walking with us. Because life on earth is temporary, but our future with Him is forever.

God loves you, loves each of us. He sacrificed His Son for each and every one of us—so that we could live in the promise of His love and forgiveness, so that no matter what tries to shake us, we have hope and a foundation in Him.

I don’t know what you’re facing or fighting, what’s trying to hold you back, or how the devil has laid claim on your heart. I don’t know what fears have you captive, or what energy you’re losing trying to surround yourself with the wrong things—but no more.

God loves you, knows you, sees you. He has supported you since you were born; He has given you everything of His to hold, to touch, to keep. He wants nothing but joy for you; He wants you to trust and lean on Him in both bad times and good. So you have to hold on.

You have to believe in His promises, rest in the truth of His word. You have to be patient when your world crumbles, knowing that He has a plan, even if that plan is unclear.

You have to know that there is always hope, is always a new start, is always redemption in His name.

And you have to seek Him as everything crumbles around you, knowing that when you accept His Son’s sacrifice into your heart, when you pursue Him and all that He stands for instead of your own selfish desires, when you willingly surrender to the vision He has for you and your life—you find peace, not hopelessness.

For in Him, hopelessness does not exist. Only opened doors, forgiveness, new beginnings, and joy. Only unconditional love, redemption, happiness, and rest for that weary heart of yours. So seek Him, trust Him, and let Him bring you back home.

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