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Carry God’s Spirit Within You

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You are a child of God. This means that He hears your prayers. This means that wherever you wander, whatever you do, who and whatever you touch can also feel His presence, His love. This means that there is nothing to fear because anywhere you go, there He is and has always been.

You are a child of God. And this means you are not only filled with His light, but a reflection of His light, as He is within you.

When you face doubt or fear, when you’re standing before a major decision unsure of where to go, when you’re closing your eyes to keep the tears from streaming down your face, when you’ve lost all hope—know that there is nowhere His love doesn’t reach, know that there is nothing His hands haven’t touched, know that there is no amount of sin or mistakes that can drive a wedge between you.

He is love and your status as His daughter or son will never change.

Your Father loves you. He loves you when you fall short. He loves you when you hit rock bottom. He loves you when you acknowledge your mistakes and reach to Him for forgiveness; He loves you even when you don’t quite know how to repent.

He loves you in your darkness, and loves you as you reach to the light. He loves you when you pull away from the earth and focus on Him instead of temporary pleasures. He loves you when you do beautiful things, and even when you’re bitter.

He loves you, simply because you are His.

So carry God’s spirit within you. Carry His words like a coat of armor upon your back. Carry His love like a sword to protect your soul, to keep you strong and safe. Carry His light in your mind and hands, so that the palms you embrace, the lips you kiss, the creatures and creations you touch can feel Him through you.

And know that whether you’re laughing through your days with your heart light and full in your chest, or crawling with your pain like a pound of bricks dragged behind you—He is present and cares.

You do not have to search for Him; He is already here.

Often we fall away from the truth. We forget that our Father is with us, that He has always been and always will be. We forget that the circumstances of this life, the sins we commit do not diminish His power or pull us further away. We forget that being a child of God does not lessen or decrease when we lose our way.

We forget who He is—that His perfection is a part of us—as we were made by His hands.

But even though we are imperfect reflections of a perfect God, that doesn’t make us unworthy. For we carry our Father’s spirit within us. And in Him, with Him, we are strong.

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