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8 Ways To Show Love (Even When You’re Busy)

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Yesterday night I came home from work at 7PM, exhausted, hangry, and wanting to just eat food and lie down in a puddle of tears. (Dramatic, I know, I’m a Pisces.) The absolute last thing in the world I expected was my boyfriend (who had told me he was “being lazy at the apartment”) to be sitting on the couch with his date night attire on, the carpet vacuumed, kitchen floor mopped, dishes washed, and a big ole smile on his face. It melted my freaking heart.

In the busyness of both of our days, sometimes it’s so hard to people we care. But the truth is, sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference. Sometimes it’s invaluable to understand what your partner, friend, family member, etc. needs in order to best serve them. And sometimes when you pay attention to the love languages of the people you care about (even in the crazy schedules you both have), you can do something that really blesses your relationship.

That’s how last night was for me. And so I wanted to take a second to share some thoughts on showing people love (even when you might not have the time to).

Words of Affirmation:

1. Buy a set of love magnets and create little messages on the fridge. This can be something as simple as ‘hey handsome!’ or ‘hello beautiful,’ or it can be a quick little note. Whatever you decide, the intention behind actually buying something tangible and writing a note will show your partner that they do matter to you.

2. Copy/print/cut out inspirational quotes and put them somewhere your person will see. You can do this as a small way to inspire someone you love, or you can simply write ‘this reminds me of you!’ to give them a little confidence boost for their day. Either way, it reflects genuine affection.

Acts of Service:

1. Help someone with a project. If there’s something your special person is working on, can you buy them a tool they need without being asked? Can you put down what you’re doing and assist in some way?

2. Do a household chore. Go the extra mile and finish something without prompting, clean a room, take out the trash, or make dinner so that it’s ready when your person is home, etc. Pay special attention to what this person typically does, and do it so they don’t have to.

Receiving gifts:

1. Grab a little something the next time you’re in line at the store. Whether it’s as simple as a pack of gum, an adorable bath bomb, or an item off their grocery list so they don’t have to think about it, showing them you are remembering them and what they need will be thoughtful (and unexpected!) which is the best part.

2. Create anticipation for a special something. For someone whose love language is ‘Receiving Gifts’ having excitement surrounding the present/special moment will make them even happier. Do a countdown of some sort, or remind them daily how long they have left until they get the gift.

Quality Time:

1. Take a moment to learn/practice your partner’s hobbies. If your person is musically inclined, carve time out of your night to just sit and play music, listen, or watch them play. Join in if you can, whether singing along to their guitar, or learning to play a few notes on the piano. Taking the time to not only be present with them, but also learn what they love will be invaluable.

Physical Touch:

1. Give an extra kiss, touch, hug. Do this in public, alone. Give the person you care about a subtle reminder that no matter who you’re with or where you are, they still matter to you.

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