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What I’m Reading This Week (5/14)

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Okay, okay, so in typical Marisa fashion, I’m a few days late on the weekly reading list. BUT I came across some really interesting stuff and I definitely think you should check it out. From commentary on our technological culture to what it means to ‘be a man,’ from the truth about Christianity to a hilarious photo collection of people posing in craft stores, this is what I’ve been intrigued by this week.

1. This satire piece on life in Silicon Valley and how eerily relatable it can be.

“You are the director of business development at your start-up. You aren’t even sure what that means, but the start-up seems to be doing well. Your company recently raised a round and was featured in TechCrunch. You have 5,000 stock options. You aren’t exactly sure what that means, but that must be good.”

I found this to be especially humorous (and maybe that’s because I legitimately am clueless when it comes to investing/business matters). But this piece makes a commentary on our technologically-developed-yet-culturally-distanced world and the negative effects this has on the future.

2. This poignant essay about people who leave the church by Nate Bagley.

“The gospel of Christ does not encourage us to be complacent with our own growth and progress, while being judgmental and demeaning towards the sins and struggles of others.

Christ had a name for people like that. It was “hypocrite.””

This is so important. We must shift our focus away from judgment and move towards compassion and understanding and acceptance, regardless of the circumstance or walk of life of the person next to us.

3. This hilarious write-up on people taking photos with fake flowers.

Okay, this had me rollingggg! Apparently the #MichaelsChallenge is to create Instagram-worthy photos by posing in the flower aisles at craft stores. 😂

4. This article about a woman who donated $8.2 million and did it all secretly.

Honestly, this is goals. To be that rich, and also that selfless – wow. What a lady.

5. This super interesting essay on what it means to ‘be a man’, which is a good read for both sexes, tbh.

The essay author, Benjamin Sledge, talks about a ‘Dad’s Day’ photo that was taken when fathers attended their sons’ fraternity for a weekend.

“The memory of the Dad’s Day picture has been nagging me, so I start questioning other men and my friends. At first my question was too complex: Who did you learn emotional intimacy from? Or do you feel you have any intimacy with male friends? Some guys laughed. Other stared and responded with something like, “WTF does that mean?” So I changed my question:

‘Did your dad ever teach you how to be a man?’

The responses I’ve received range from learning how to change a tire or the oil in a car, or learning how to tie a tie. This made me think, if this is what qualifies as masculinity, we’re in deep sh*t.”

The essay brings up important points about what we, as a society have adopted as the ‘correct’ way to ‘be a man.’ I’m interested in what you think (male and female perspectives welcome!)

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