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God Created You To Make An Impact

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When you’re overwhelmed with sadness, when you’re ‘stuck’ in one place, when you’re moving in slow motion, please remember the truth: that you were made from your Father, by your Father and in His likeness.

No matter what challenges or fears you face, no matter how much pain will press against your soul, no matter how lost or lonely this life will make you feel at times—God is with you, He is within you.

You were not created to simply walk around this earth purposeless. You were not meant to breathe, to sleep, to eat, to fall into bed with no hope for tomorrow. You were not supposed to push through your work days desperate for the weekend, or drink your sorrows away just to get by. You were not designed to ever feel broken beyond repair.

And even if life shoves you down to the point you cannot stand on your own two feet, remember that in Jesus’ light you will heal. Remember there is nothing and no one he can’t fix.

Remember that in Him, you will find strength. You will rise, for you were destined for more.

God did not create you, with your birthmarks and bruises, eyebrow lines and wrinkles, palm creases and leg muscles, to be like anyone else. He did not patch together the curves, knit together the hairs on your head for you to walk around without hope, without direction, without love for yourself and this world. He did not make you so that you were a beautiful and unique being, only for you to hide yourself, letting the evil and pain keep you from growing into who you should become.

He did not create you as His daughter, His son, for you to feel as if you are unworthy, when that is far from the truth.

God created you for a reason. He created you so that your smile, your laugh, your way of thinking could brighten the room. He created you so that your heart could find someone else to align with, so that your dreams could build and shape the path you walk.

He created you so that you could live a good life—not a perfect life, not a life without pain—but a life filled with meaning, with strength, with His purpose, riddled through your veins.

And you might not know what that is right now. You might not feel like you have the answers, like you’re walking down the road He’s intended for your future.

You might feel like you’re floating, just coasting through, trying to make your way. You might be so desperate for change or to hear His voice that you’ve started to doubt—and this is okay, this is human. Life, unfortunately, is filled with turns and twists and as much as you wish you could make sense of every second, you won’t. You just have to trust.

So trust that God is with you, that He’s guiding you, that you’re not alone. Trust that He listens when you pray and beams with pride when you walk in His ways. Know that, despite the craziness of this world, He has made a plan, a purpose for you. And you will discover it in time.

Know that pain is present, will always be present, but that doesn’t mean He’s abandoned you. Instead, hold onto His promise, listen to your conscience, and believe in yourself. Do not let your faith be shaken, even by painful circumstances. And know, most of all, better days are coming.

You are here for a reason—to receive blessings, to be a blessing. To share what makes you, you with the world and share God’s truth with each step you take. You are here to make an impact, to change the people around you, to show them who He is. You are made to be filled with light, to light others, to start fires.

So don’t doubt, for one second, the power that has been stitched within your soul. You were made by an incredible God—honestly, what limits exist?

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