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10 Of The Best Gifts For Homebodies

Maybe I’m getting old(er), maybe it’s the (slightly) chillier weather in southern California, maybe it’s launching a business and being way too tired 99% of the time, or maybe I’m just realizing that spending time with the people I love is far better than waking up to a hangover (a recent discovery lol). But I’ve been staying in a lot lately.

Don’t get me wrong—I love my girls’ nights, dates with my man, and dancing my butt off in heels until I’m exhausted—but lately, on Friday nights (when I’m not teaching/coaching/running around like a crazy person) curling up with a movie, my boyfriend, his son, and our 85-pound Pit Mastiff sounds like the perfect idea.

Considering my newfound passion for snuggling and the ever-approaching holidays, I’ve gathered a list of some of my favorite products for comfort and cuddling. From foam pillows and body scrubs to puzzles and fuzzy slippers, these are all the things I love lately. And whether you’re someone who, like me, enjoys a good night in, or a regular avoid-social-situations-at-all-costs type of person (which, hey—there’s no shame in that!) I hope this list of the best gifts for homebodies gives you some great ideas for yourself and the ones you love this cozy season.

1. These adorable, super fuzzy slippers

best gifts for homebodies, fuzzy slippers
My apartment has new floors, but as amazing as they are, they tend to get a bit chilly in the mornings. I invested in these super cute slippers by J. Crew and I haven’t regretted a thing. These are soft, lightweight and come in five different color options. They’re perfect for the homebody—for anything from wine nights, to dance parties, to cozy mornings by the fire.

[Here’s where you can buy a pair of your own.]

2. This Bamboo Bath Tray

best gifts for homebodies, bath tray
This product has me literally living my dream life. Relaxing in a bath with a good book or laptop and a glass of wine?! Count me in. This is the perfect gift for the writer/reader in your life, but also for anyone who enjoys the comforts of staying in. Nothing is better (especially this holiday season) than kicking back and relaxing to the max. (PS: If you’re looking for a good read for the homebody bookworm? Check out Hungry For More by Chrissy Tiegen.)

[Here’s where you can get your tray.]

3. This SpaceFoam™ cooling pillow.

best gifts for homebodies, SpaceFoam
Is it just me, or does anyone else get HOT during the night!? Maybe it’s because I’m squished between a tall human and a dog half the time, but more often than not, I wake up rather toasty. Something that has been a game changer for my sleep is this SpaceFoam™ pillow.

Unlike traditional memory foam, which can be heavy and less breathable, this foam is 75% percent lighter. You can feel the difference under your head. According to the brand, the pillow “[Adapts] to the individual’s body movement and temperature for a feeling of weightlessness and a better night’s sleep.” The pillow also uses certified type of foam that is less harmful to the environment than other pillows—so it’s ecofriendly, too!

[Here’s where you can buy the pillow.]

4. These cuddle-friendly headphones.

best gifts for homebodies, SilkSound headphones by Paww
Are you the type of person who loves to do work in bed? (Guilty.) Watch TV next to your sleeping significant other? Hate cords. Then these headphones are for you (or the person you’re holiday shopping for). These lightweight, SilkSound headphones by Paww are everything. Not only are they discreet enough to hide along your head like a headband, but they produce quality sound with all the features of a regular pair of wireless headphones. With them, you can enjoy up to 8 hours of hands-free calling and music. Plus, they can be folded to easily fit in a purse or taken on the go.

These have been amazing for late nights when I want to listen to music as I fall asleep, for working at 4AM next to my sleeping boyfriend, and for talking around the house. The tortoise print blends with my hair, too.

[Here’s where you can get yourself a pair.]

5. This Vanilla Vibes (Sugar & Butter) Bath Scrub

best gifts for homebodies, c'est moi body scrub
I can’t even remember the last time I indulged in a bath (before,of course, last week when I used this scrub for the first time). With chillier weather, a warm, calming bath has become a craving. I love this body scrub because not only is it super smooth on the skin, but it combines the cleaning of a traditional scrub with the softness of a lotion.

The scrub is hydrating, made with a non-synthetic fragrance, and the best part—it’s vegan, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free! This scrub, along with many other C’est Moi (pronounced “say-mwah,” French for “It’s me”) products are part of a skincare line that’s branded for young and sensitive skin. They’re smoother and softer, but still dermatologist tested to actually clean.

This is an awesome alternative to some of the harsh exfoliating products and tough face/body washes out there. Plus, the C’est Moi line also has washes and creams specific to acne, as well as makeup, face wipes, and more!

[Here’s where you can buy the scrub.]

6. This Women’s March Puzzle

best gifts for homebodies, Women's March puzzle

The other day my boyfriend and I were brainstorming kid-friendly ‘stay at home’ ideas. In the rush of the holidays, our ultimate goal lately has been saving money. As a party of three, going out to eat costs and arm and a leg, so with the rush of the holidays, our ultimate goal has been to save as much money as possible. Which translates to staying in as much as possible.

When I stumbled across this 500-piece puzzle by eeBoo, I was ecstatic because not only are puzzles fun, but it’s a great opportunity to share with the two guys in my life what I value the most—my female identity. It’s become important, now more than ever, to encourage the men around me to learn and appreciate my feminism. This puzzle was a perfect (and educational) add for the ‘best gifts for homebodies’ list.

[Here’s where you can buy the puzzle.]

7. This ‘meaningful conversations’ board game.

best gifts for homebodies, Convers(ate) board game
This, in my opinion, should be on everyone’s Christmas list. When it comes to staying in and cozying up around the holidays, finding ways to spend meaningful time together is key. While traditional board games are quite nice, sometimes it’s fun to switch things up.

And perhaps with that comes the excitement of actually getting to know the people around you. How often are you in proximity with someone but not really talking about anything in depth? Or sitting beside a loved one you haven’t really gotten to the nitty-gritty with?

This board game peels back the layers and challenges players to ask one another deep questions. It’s a great ice-breaker, and can also be useful for creating inspiration around first dates, too! The box contains over 300 question cards.

[Here’s where you can buy your box right now.]

8. This adorable, plush throw blanket

best gifts for homebodies, plush blanket
This is, hands down, one of my favorite items. I snuggle up with this for every movie, late work night, and lazy Sunday afternoon. It’s irresistibly soft (I literally call it my ‘soft-soft’ lol) and comes in a variety of colors.

[Here’s where you can purchase the softest throw blanket ever.]

9. This femme-forward ‘Guess Who’ spin-off game.

best gifts for homebodies, Who's She Game

I love this. This game is another great way to empower women (of all ages), plus their counterparts to learn more about strong women and their power. As someone who struggled with history, this is also a great way to brush up on some important people and backgrounds in a more informal setting. The game is colorful, and fully funded by a Kickstarter, which is awesome.

[Here’s where you can get a game of your own.]

10. These comfy Bombas socks

best gifts for homebodies, Bombas socks
Comfort is everything to someone who enjoys staying in. That’s why a must-have item on the best gifts for homebodies list is Bomba socks. Not only are these super comfortable (and come in so many colors and patterns it’s ridiculous, but for every sock purchased, one is donated to a person in need. (The total is about 11K and climbing!) I love gifts that keep giving—and these socks are just that!

[Here’s where you can get a pair of your own.]

Regardless of whether you’re buying for yourself or someone else, it’s important to find gifts that match a person’s personality. For the homebody in your life, that means comfy, cozy, and perfect for fire-side or bedside. Just like this list. 😄

Featured Image Credit: Gades Photography

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