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‘Everything Happens For A Reason’ – Or Does It?

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When people say ‘everything happens for a reason,’ I have one of two reactions. Sometimes I get mad because that phrase sounds so dismissive. What about the people who are really broken? What about when something terrible happens and there really isn’t an explanation? What about death?

When people say ‘everything happens for a reason,’ often it’s because they want to comfort. Because they want to remind that person that he or she is not alone. But sometimes it sounds more like a brushing off than a genuine reminder of God’s truth.

But on the other hand, sometimes I understand that phrase. Sometimes I truly believe in it. Perhaps it’s not that God intended for terrible things to happen, but that when they do, they happen for a reason. Meaning that he doesn’t bring us to these terrible places, but there’s a purpose in the way he brings us out of them.

Pain, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration, heartbreak, death, separation, loss – those aren’t a part of God’s plan.

Those are the trials of this imperfect, sinful, human life that keeps us from God. And it is in those moments that we must try our best, our hardest to fall back to God. To lean on Him. To trust that He will bring us from this painful season and back to the light again.

What if it’s not about God bringing us TO these painful moments, but bringing us THROUGH them?

What if, instead of seeing life as this roll-of-the-dice game of fate, we recognize it’s inevitable to face terrible things – but we’re never alone. And there’s comfort in that.

I wish I knew why these things had to happen. None of us knows the answer. But what we do know, is that Christ gave His life for us, to save us from this evil world and bring us hope.

I don’t know what pain you’re experiencing, and I by no means want to diminish it. But I do want you to know that you are seen, you are heard, you are loved.

God hasn’t abandoned you. Please trust that He is with you, always.

And even in your darkness, your frustration, your betrayal, your guilt – you won’t hurt like this forever.

Perhaps there is a lesson, perhaps He is bringing you to better, more beautiful blessings down the road, perhaps this will strengthen you, perhaps there is no rhyme or reason, but a painful bump in your road. But you will overcome. He will be by your side. And you will make it through.

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