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God Created You For A Reason

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One of the most life-changing things about becoming a Christian (for me personally) was finding a resounding purpose in my life. There were many times I thought I knew who I was and wanted to do, but after every obstacle or painful moment, my world was rocked. I thought I knew the person I wanted to become; that changed when I lost someone close to me. I thought was confident and sure of my outgoing nature; that was until I realized I loved the solitude of writing and doing things alone.

I was often tossing myself from idea to idea, from person to person. To be honest, I was lost (aren’t we all, though?) until I realized that I was searching for identity and purpose in everything except with the one who created me.

And it wasn’t until I re-centered back on who He was and the desires He had for my life—big, beautiful, exciting, and challenging desires—that I realized I had it all wrong.

The truth is, God created you for a reason; He created each of us for a purpose.

We aren’t meant to stumble around, wondering who we are and who even cares. We aren’t meant to feel confused and lost. And we aren’t supposed to waste so much time searching for things that have been given to us, things that are inherently within.

It’s easy to get dizzy in the struggle (and even more so when we’re young!). We see athletic people with fast-tracks to sports careers. We see people who are artistic lead the class with their creativity. There are confident people who start group discussions and quiet ones who are excellent at research. Everyone has a place.

And sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who doesn’t fit, right?

But that’s so not the truth. The truth is that you are made for more, all of us are! We are made for more than confusing conversations, more than moments where we quiet our voices because we’re scared of their sound. We are made for more than wondering, questioning, doubting—because our Father has all the answers—and there’s nothing to fear.

You won’t always know who you are and where you’re going, but that’s the adventure of this life.

God doesn’t give us a roadmap, doesn’t give us all the answers, but He does lead us and tell us to follow. He does remind us that no matter where we journey, or how far we get off-track, He is with us. Every step.

It’s hard to believe that you matter. In a world of millions of people, all with ‘predetermined purposes,’ strong careers, beautiful Instagram photos, perfectly-behaved kids—what could your purpose be?

But that’s the beauty of walking with faith: You trust that God created you for a reason, and He is leading you into where and who you’re supposed to be. And the answers reveal themselves in time.

I didn’t know I was going to be a writer. Sure, there was a part of me that was always drawn to creativity and the written word. And sure, I was passionate about helping people and journaling in my diary. But did I know that I would publish a book? That I would share articles on my blogs and many others? That my heart would be poured out on paper for people in desperate need of encouragement and grace?

No. I had no idea where God would lead me, or how he would shape my life. I had no idea that I would fill new roles, wear new hats, and be challenged in ways I’d never expected. And I had no idea the impact my simple belief would have—all because I said ‘yes’ to God’s purpose for me.

So that’s my challenge for you: don’t be afraid of the potential you have, simply because you haven’t discovered it yet. There are so many wonderful things out there for you. Sometimes it all starts with a simple ‘yes’ and a single step.

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