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5 Games To Help You Survive Isolation

Some states are returning to ‘normal,’ some countries are still in the midst of lockdown, and many people are just trying to survive isolation as jobs have shifted to working-from-home. Wherever you (or your location) falls on the quarantine spectrum, finding ways to enjoy this socially-distanced time with roommates, friends, and family members is crucial (especially for your mental health).

From activities that engage the whole family to games you can throw a few back to (and even play over video call!), here are a few ways you can survive this season of isolation (and actually have fun).

The Game to Make You LOL: Watch Ya Mouth

Watch Ya Mouth Game to help survive isolation
No one can deny the humor of having to speak with your mouth extended in an ear-to-ear grin. Not to mention how absolutely ridiculous each person looks and sounds when trying to read from a card with plastic between their lips! If you’re in the mood for a laugh, this game is fun and engaging for the whole family. Even younger children can participate with a partner, or by acting out words/phrases.

PS: This ‘Ultimate Edition’ includes 200 cards with rhymes and pop culture categories, too.

You can find the game right here.

The Ultimate Drinking Game: Malivah

 Malivah - Drinking Game to Survive Isolation
Malivah, a play on ‘my liver’ is the drinking game of all drinking games! Each game box comes with FOUR different card packs to play all of the best drinking games: Never Have I Ever, King’s Cup, Truth or Dare, and even regular playing cards. Rather than having to remember all the rules of each game, scrounge up cards for a makeshift version, or waste time imagining different ‘never have I ever’ scenarios, this game has you (and all your shenanigans) covered!

PS: If you get the ‘Expansion Pack’ the regular cards are swapped for an even more exciting bonus pack!

Learn more and back the Kickstarter to get your own version right here!

The Get-Off-Your-Butt Game: Throw Throw Burrito

Throw Throw Burrito Game
Traditional board games can be sedentary sometimes—not this one! For this game (made by the creators of Exploding Kittens, mind you) you’re forced to get up out of your seat. The object of the game is to collect matching card sets before your partner, all while dodging flying burritos other players are hurling in your direction!

Engage your senses, break a sweat, and order your own version right here.

The Analytical Adventure Game: Catan

Catan best game for quarantine
If you’re into critical thinking, strategy, and civilization-building, then Catan is the game for you. In this action-packed, yet step-by-step game, players control different civilizations while looking to grow AND avoid obstacles from opponents. Catan is competitive and requires focus. It’s recommended for anyone over the age of ten and takes about 60 minutes per game.

You can grab your own version right here.

The ‘In My Feelings’ Game: Thoughtful Conversations

Vertellis Thoughtful Conversations Game
If you’re like most people, quarantine has challenged to be around the people you love… a little too much. This Thoughtful Conversations game actually peels back the layers and encourages you to get uncomfortable. Each card talks about something deep—from regrets, to fears, to loves—challenging you and your ‘opponents’ to speak about topics you often shy away from.

With each round, you’ll learn more about the people around you and leave the table with a newfound appreciation for the closeness and camaraderie quarantine can bring! To get your own game, click here.

Do you have any games that have helped you survive quarantine? Share them below! ↓
PS: Have kids? Check out this list of fun things to do with kids during quarantine!

Featured Image Credit: Sophie Elvis

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