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Pets Of Quarantine: The Furry Friends We Love & The Products They Deserve

happy girl and dog in quarantine

While the majority of the human population has spent the last few months complaining about being stuck at home and inside, the pets of the world have been rejoicing (well, except for the cats 😜). As we’ve settled into our work-from-home routines, created our new schedules, and found balance between assignments/work projects and our families, our pets have grown comfortable with the increase in walks, cuddles, and attention. And although some have enjoyed this more than others, 🐱 the pets of quarantine deserve nothing but the best.

Here are a few of the best pet products on the market because if you’re anything like me, this time has made you want to invest in your furry friend more than ever.

1. This Handy Hair Brush

best brush for dogs
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No pet will complain about this head-to-toe brush, especially your long-haired buddy. As the summer months (and heat) roll in, a good brush-down removes extra weight, keeps your pup cool, and offers a mini “massage” to de-stress. Pair this brush with some CBD treats and you’ve basically created a doggie spa experience.

2. An Automatic (Phone-Compatible) Pet Feeder

PetSafe Smart Feeder
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Okay, now that we’re living that #quarantinelife (well, at least I still am in California), my dog expects me to check periodically throughout the day to see the levels of his food dish. I mean, I did this before—I’m a great dog mom, don’t get me wrong. But sometimes it would be nice to leave for the afternoon and not stress about the dog’s food. That’s where the Pet Safe’s Smart Feed comes in.

This feeder automatically dispenses food over the course of the day (up to 12 meals) and holds up to 24 total cups. It has a backup battery to ensure feeding regardless of power/AC issues and comes with a diswasher-safe dish. The best part about this feeder is that it syncs (via app) with any iPhone or iPod device iOS 9.0 or later, or a compatible Android smartphone 6.0 or later. This way, you can customize and monitor your feeding to your (and your pet’s) liking. You can also enable a slow-feed option that slowly releases food over a 15 minute period — great for your speed eaters.

3. This Ultimate Dog Bed

comfy dog bed that's best for pets of quarantine
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I can’t get enough of this PetFusion bed (and neither can Styles). I purchased this on a whim two years ago when we moved into our first family home and it’s been a game changer for our dog. Not only does he live in pure luxury (honestly sometimes I think his bed is better than ours), but it’s easier on his joints because it’s soft, big, and he has room to stretch. The bed is also super easy to unzip, throw in the wash, and zip back on (which I, as a clean freak, love).

4. Nail-Safety Clippers

pet nail clippers

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When it comes to clipping your pup’s nails, the process can be stressful—for all parties involved. What’s great about these clippers is the way they’re designed. Rather than straight clippers, you have a built-in nail guard prevents you from clipping off too much of the nail.* It also creates stability when you close down, which is great, especially if your pup gets squirmy.

*Here’s another little tip: If your dog absolutely can’t handle clippers of any brand or style, try a dremel tool (on a low speed). The whirring sound is less terrifying and the slow spinning will help to shorten the nails without the fear of clipping off a little more than you should!

5. Bench/Bucket Car Seat

PetSafe Car Cuddler bench seat
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The ‘Shelter in Place’ life with pets looks like trips to the trails, beaches, and dog parks (when they’re open, and socially-distanced, of course). Every time we get into the car, I load my big boy into this bench seat PetSafe Car Cuddler and he’s comfortable and content for the ride.

This PetSafe Cuddler comes in bench size (pictured) or bucket size for smaller pups. It’s soft, cozy, easy to remove and clean, and simple to set up. You simply tighten the straps and toss them over the back seat headrests, then clip in place.

If your dog gets anxiety with car rides or just can’t find a cozy spot, I would highly recommend this. Plus, it keeps him/her comfortable in the back as opposed to trying to sit with you in the passenger seat (which is a lot more dangerous).

6. A Portable Storage Container

portable storage bins for pets
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Who would have known that life would be so much easier when I actually invested in a portable storage container!? I laugh at myself now, realizing that I could have been using this product ages ago. Alas, I purchased this handy container at the beginning of this year and I love how easily feeding time has become. Rather than wrestling the 50-pound food bag (my dog is a big boy!) I have smaller portions in this container and it’s easy to lift, tilt, and pour out the perfect amount (without making a mess). The container is on wheels, has a sliding cover to keep freshness, and locks in place on the sides. This has made mealtimes infinitely easier and honestly, I’m embarrassed I wasn’t using it sooner.

7. This Cozy, Comfy Bed Ramp

best pet products
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If there’s one thing quarantine has done, it’s made me painfully aware of all my pets idiosyncracies. From staring at walls (do we have spirits?!), to waiting until I leave the bedroom to lick my pillows (not kidding), to struggling to get into our bed (sad face 😢), I now know what my pet does, basically 24 hours of the day. Which is why our family invested in this CozyUp Bed Ramp to help our little (big) guy get into bed. If you have an older lady or gentleman, I would definitely recommend. There’s something about the softness of this ramp that is comforting rather than intimidating.

I’m a big fan of the latest and best pet products on the market. For me, my pup is family! If there’s anything you’ve stumbled across that you love, let me know! I’d be happy to learn more and potentially add it to this round-up. Happy quarantining! 🐾

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