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I Saw You Flirting

a person holding computer I saw you flirting

I saw you flirting.
And I say it doesn’t bother me, but it always does. It always will.
I hate seeing the face that you put on for the outside world.
The face that screams, I’m fine without you.
And I’m left wondering if that’s really true.

I can drive myself crazy. A prisoner in my own mind.
I saw you flirting. I saw the way you interact, the way things seem easy.
Are they really easy, or are you just pretending?

And how can you keep pretending if you’re really missing me?

I saw you flirting.
And I think you’re happy, and that’s good. It really is.
But I don’t know which is worse:

You being happy without me,
or just as good as pretending
to be.

Featured Image Credit: Felix Russell-Saw

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