Love is

couple sitting together on rock facing mountain

like stepping in the shower after a long day and tipping your head back, letting the water run over your forehead and into your ears, shutting out all sound.
It’s like reaching the top of a hill after a long climb and seeing the city’s twinkling lights, little man-made stars that look so far away, and you, like a God, just steps from the moon.
It’s like waking up without an alarm, warm and soft, nestled between pillows, the sun lazily poking through the blinds.
It’s like a full belly, and curling up on the couch next to a sleeping puppy, content and drifting in and out of a nap.
It’s like the rush of driving a car pedal to the floor on a highway, wind whipping your hair back and sun shining through the roof.
It’s like ice cream on a diet, the good kind, mint chocolate chip with extra brownie chunks.
It’s all things good: a report card with straight ‘As’, seeing the sunrise, an old, worn out teddy bear.
It’s a feeling you learn, at first.
Then it’s a feeling you know.