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Pandemic Pets (Cat Edition): The Litter You Can’t Live Without

happy cat with Skoon litter

If the pandemic has taught us one thing—okay, let’s be honest, we’ve learned A LOT over the past year/year and a half—but when it comes to our living spaces, proximity brings about an awareness that we perhaps didn’t have before. For some of us, this is the realization that our partners are actually pretty annoying during the workday. For others, we’ve recognized that trying to work from home with kids is almost impossible. And for those of us who are owners of furry friends, we’ve recognized that our pets’ bathroom habits and *smells* are less than ideal.

If you’re a cat owner, you know what I mean.

But, there’s a solution—and it’s eco-friendly, non-clumping, AND comes with a 100% odor-control guarantee! Enter Skoon.

Skoon: The Odor-Eliminating Cat Litter You & Your Furry Friend Need

Skoon cat litter is a brand of that’s intentionally designed to be lightweight, convenient, and both stress and odor-free. Made from diatom pebbles—sponge-like structures that absorb and remove unwanted smells—instead of traditional clay litter, Skoon is super absorbent and doesn’t clump when wet.

The pebbles use a low-heat thermal activation process to absorb more than the typical litter, too. And because of the components, Skoon doesn’t just mask unwanted odors—it eliminates them, leaving your cat’s space smelling fresh.

Why Skoon & Is It Safe? 

When it comes to choosing a cat litter, there are so many options. From different scents to promises of ‘long-lasting freshness,’  or ‘special formula for rock-solid clumps’ and ‘change less than your normal litter!’ (among many others) and so it’s hard to really know what you should invest in and why.

With Skoon, the value is in the materials and product itself. Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic Diatom pebbles, it’s totally safe for everyone in your home—people, pets, and even plants.

Skoon also boasts a ‘low dust’ formula, meaning it won’t be easily breathed or tracked all over the house. Because the pebbles are slightly larger and heavier, they won’t be inhaled, either. And if your cat happens to swallow some pebbles by chance—no worries! Because the formula is completely non-toxic, it will pass like any other solid, unlike other clumping litters known to cause intestinal issues.

Where Can I Get Skoon?

Skoon offers a 30-day FREE and money-back guarantee trial to help you (and your furry friend) transition to the new scents, feels, and litter box *vibes.*

Then the company offers a subscription to get the litter conveniently delivered to your door. Every four weeks you’ll receive 8 lbs. of Skoon which should last you about a month if you have one cat. So say goodbye to last-minute runs to the store because you’re out of litter, or the hassle of carrying heavy bags all over the house. Skoon’s subscription model makes caring for your cat easier than ever.

You also have the option to customize your order before it ships. Upon renewal, you’ll get an email reminder so that you can push or edit your order before getting charged.

So, Why Invest In Skoon Cat Litter?

If you’ve been following my page for any amount of time, you know that I’m a die-hard dog lover. BUT I’ve always been partial to cats, and with the pandemic, quite a few of these little furballs have come into my life in the homes of friends.

Watching my friends navigate the ups and downs (mostly downs) of litter boxes, cycle through brand after brand of disappointing cat litter, and struggle to find the right fit for their homes and pets, undoubtedly, Skoon has won them over every time.

In an age where we’re home more often than not—and learning that we really should invest more time in our pets—I think there’s no better time than now to switch to a safer, healthier, cleaner, and better-smelling alternative.

For questions about Skoon cat litter or more information, you can browse their website, make an order, or feel free to shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help.

PS: I’ll be sharing more pet content on this page soon! To read the latest articles, click here.

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