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Happy Howliday: How To Ease Your Pup’s Stress This Fourth Of July

ease your pup's stress this fourth of july

When summer rolls around, everyone’s all about the ice-pops and sand toys, sunscreen, and watermelon. The last thing on anyone’s mind is stress or fear around the sunny season—unless you’re the owner of an anxious pup.

Every Fourth of July, pets across the United States experience extreme fear and anxiety due to the holiday fireworks. Many dogs hide, scratch, howl, or worse—run away. In fact, according to the ASPCA, July 4th is the biggest day for pet disappearances every single year.

But, thankfully, there are options.

From configuring your home set-up to indulging in anxiety-reducing dog treats by Heavenly Hounds, here are a few ways you can ease your pup’s stress this Fourth of July.

Prepare Your Home In Advance

There’s nothing secret about the Fourth of July. It’s one of the most celebrated U.S. holidays, and chances are, you’ll see some sort of fireworks advertisement or picture in the weeks (and months) leading up to the day.

So, there’s no excuse to not prepare in advance.

Preparation doesn’t have to be crazy or costly, either. First, make sure that all windows and doors are shut and securely locked. You may even want to consider moving couches or tables a few more inches from windows just to be safe. You can invest in some blackout curtains (to reduce both light and sound), and for less than $20, purchase a small door ‘draft blocker’ that sits along the base of your doors to help with soundproofing.

If you’re going to be gone for any period of time, be sure to pick up any loose items or breakables off of the floor or highly-trafficked paths. Even if your pet isn’t the type to chew or destroy any objects around the house, the loud noises may make him/her react differently than expected. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Invest In Calming Treats

There’s nothing better than dog treats—and if the treats double as stress-relievers—then that’s even better!

Heavenly Hounds is a company that specializes in canine relaxation squares. They make their treats with all-natural, healthy, and fast-acting ingredients, combined with a variety of vitamins and minerals like Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Niacin, and Thiamin, to name a few.

Each of these peanut butter-flavored treats offer effective stress-relief without additives, fillers, or even CBD. Each digestible square is the perfect portion for your pup—no complicated pills, droplets, diffusers, or lotions—and the ingredients begin working their magic within 15-20 minutes.

Whether you’re going to be home for the duration of the night or heading out for the night, the treats will make sure your pup feels comfortable and safe without chemically altering his/her mind or making him feel “high.”

Create Comforting *Vibes*

The Heavenly Hound treats are a great way to get your dog in a good mood, but other ways you can create a good *vibe* is playing soft or calming music, keeping a TV on for background noise, or giving your dog a toy to play with to keep him/her distracted.

You should also consider is moving your pet’s bed to your room or more of a ‘safe’ space—especially if you’re not going to be home for any amount of time.

Spend As Much Time As Possible At Home

If you don’t have to leave over the Fourth of July—don’t.

The experience of the fireworks, bright lights, and other strange noises are stressful enough, and your pet (depending on his or her temperament) may really struggle with separation anxiety if you’re gone during the celebration.

Plus, depending on where you live, traffic may make your return home later than expected, creating even more anxiety around the length of time you are away.

If you’re planning to stay home, still configure your space, create positive *vibes,* and give your pet a peanut butter square to indulge in. Despite the stress around the holiday, with the right products and preparation, your pup will be just fine.

To learn more about Heavenly Hounds and their treats, head to their website.

For other tips about reducing anxiety, head to their FAQ page.

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