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Calling All Clean Freaks: Here’s A Cat Litter You’ll Love

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There’s a lot to love about being a pet owner: the constant cuddles, the licks when you’re down, the body rubs whenever your furry friend(s) walk by, the way they know just how to comfort you (and annoy the heck out of you), etc.

But there’s one thing that, well, frankly sucks about being a pet owner sometimes—the cleanup. Whether it’s balls of fur, piles of poop on the lawn, or scooping the litter box, cleaning up after your pet is a necessary evil.

But it doesn’t have to suck.

From biodegradable poop bags to odor-free cat litters, I’ve explored, tried (or had loved ones try), and talked to the experts about what works. quite a few of my friends are (or have become during quarantine), and one brand that everyone seems to be raving about is Skoon.

The Best Cat Litter For Clean Freaks

 If you’re a self-identified clean freak (which I am, apparently—according to my twelve-year-old) then you care about appearances and upkeep. First of all, there’s no shame in that. Let’s be honest, no one likes an unkempt house.

And when it comes to cats, no one likes to have a stinky mess or pebbles of litter underfoot.

Skoon is a brand that boasts an odor-free, non-clumping formula. Unlike regular cat litter, which has a clay base, Skoon uses small “diatoms” which are essentially fossilized algae skeletons broken down into pebbles.

These pebbles are heat-treated to make them highly durable and absorb far more than typical litter. They also have an increased ionizing capacity (which in non-fancy terms means that they’re able to absorb, decrease moisture, and reduce unwanted smells easier than other clay-based litters would).

Because the litter is made of these pebbles, there’s also a low-dust factor which is definitely why Skoon is the best cat litter for clean freaks. The low dust can reduce allergens, prevent breathing problems, and keep your home cleaner.

So, Why Skoon & Where Can I Get It?

There are plenty of options out there—for litter, and otherwise. Over the pandemic, I’ve been doing my own research on dog probiotics, diabetes-friendly dog food, and other grain-free options for my pup. And while exploring, I’ve joined some of my cat-lover friends to help them with their litter searches, too.

While every brand out there claims to be the ‘best’ or ‘safest’ or most ‘eco-friendly,’ Skoon walks the walk in every aspect. They are convenient, eco-friendly, low dust, and odor-resistant. Plus, they offer a FREE 30-trial with a money-back guarantee if the litter isn’t right for you and your furry friend.

To see options (they also sell a biodegradable all-in-one litter box!) you can head their website. If you have questions, there’s a chat button on the bottom left-hand corner, or feel free to shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help.

Other Ways To Prioritize Your Pets

As we cycle through (and hopefully out of!) the pandemic, something that’s become relevant as a pet owner is the ways that our little buddies are large and valuable parts of our lives.

Whereas in the past, we would run out the door and head to work without a second thought, now we’re spending more time at home and getting to know the quirks and habits of our animals.

So… here are a few tips for prioritizing your pets:

  • Pay attention to your pet’s eating habits: When does he/she eat? How much? How fast?
  • Check your pet’s fur/skin: Are there sensitivities? Scratching? Biting? Chewing? Redness/irritation?
  • Evaluate your pet’s temperament and activity: Couch potato or active? Habits during the day? What toys does your pet play with?
  • Upgrade your areas: And, of course, invest in new poop areas/bags, cleaning supplies, or litter. (Here’s the link for Skoon’s odor-free litter.)

What other changes have you made with your pets in the pandemic? Share them below!  

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