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Recognize Your Potential, And Then Wildly Pursue It

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Life is all about chances, and empowering yourself—despite the obstacles that may stand in your way—to take them. Every single one.

If I were to look back on my life, I spent quite a number of my younger years just trying to figure this mess out. I was conditioned to be hesitant, to toe lines, to not cause a fuss, to try to find myself a certain way and on a certain path. I think this is ingrained into us as children to keep us safe—it’s not a bad thing—it’s smart, actually, when we’re young and curious, to hone our passion into delicate and purposeful movements. It makes sense to teach young minds to go the ‘right’ way, do the ‘right’ thing, and be conscious of who you are and where you fit.

But I firmly believe that as we step into adulthood, we step into our potential and our true power—power that can’t be limited by hesitation or fear.

As we grow up, it’s less about safety and more about challenging assumptions. Less about determining where we fit, and more about asking questions and blazing our own trails.

As we discover what makes our hearts beat, what we fall in love with naturally, what causes our minds to wander, it’s less about comfort and more about seeking answers. It’s more about living fearlessly and up to our full potential, saying ‘yes’ to what fills us and ‘no’ to what doesn’t, without questioning that inner voice.

It’s more about finding our ‘why’ and realizing, most of all, that what others’ say, think, and believe, does not have to mirror what we do.

I think life, is all about chances—the chances we take, the chances we ‘miss,’ and the chances that circle back around to find us when we need them the most. I don’t like to live with regrets. I think that there’s a greater purpose and a God who knows our destiny and has a plan for us, yet still gives us the keys.

I believe that where we are is right where we’re meant to be, and even when we feel like we’ve messed up, fallen away from the direction we were supposed to head, or went down a wrong road altogether—all those things are bringing us to our intended spot. We’re never lost. We’re becoming found.

And so, the chances we ‘miss’ perhaps weren’t meant for us at that time. Perhaps they will come to us in different forms, in different people, when things are ready, when we are ready.

I think life is about letting go of the belief that to have a ‘good’ life we need to know what ‘good’ is when we see it—because truthfully, that type of introspection is impossible when we’re in the midst of living.

I think, instead, it’s more about laughing, crying, feeling, believing, and recognizing what’s all around us as beautiful. I think it’s about taking the opportunities we’re given and knowing that, above all, there is potential within us—to grow, to become, to change, to challenge, to live. Truly live.

At the end of the day, we must abandon the idea that we need to have things understood, that we supposed to have this path ‘figured out,’ and that every mistake takes us further away from our intended direction.

We’re going to mess up, miss chances, fall short. Yet, in those moments we learn—slowly, but purposefully—our potential. And as we recognize that heartbeat within us, we must wildly pursue whatever makes the rhythm stronger. That’s why we’re here.


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