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One Simple Reminder Every Love Language Needs To Hear Right Now

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In the day-to-day, we so often forget the importance of telling (or showing) people how much we care. But sometimes people receive these notes in different ways, especially depending on their personal love language and what resonates with their spirit. Every person has a preference (consciously or unconsciously) in how they share ad receive love. When you tap into what their personal love language is, it can help you love them in the way that works best for them.

Whether your person is more inclined to appreciate words of affirmation, or quality time spent together, here is a simple reminder every love language needs to hear right now.

Receiving Gifts

You have the biggest heart. Every single day you are thinking of the people in your life, trying to figure out what could make them smile, or bless their life. You aren’t always given the credit you deserve for standing up, for finding the perfect gift, for just being there without question. But you are so deserving of praise and affirmation for the way you selflessly love the people around you. Let this be your affirmation: you deserve to be loved with the same spirit and strength you pour out.

Quality Time

You always make time for the people you care about. And in this world filled with jobs, passions, commitments, social media, distractions, and busyness, the fact that you carve aside a special place for the people that matter to you is invaluable. You have a way of showing loved ones that they are valued, and even though it might not feel that you’re appreciated or noticed, you are. You are the glue that holds relationships together, the confidence that mends broken hearts. You are incredibly special—don’t forget that.

Words Of Affirmation

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. You are devoted and loyal, passionate and purposeful in all that you love and do. These are the words you need to hear right now: you are cared for, you are cared about, you are important to every single life you touch. Sometimes you need to hear these words more often, so repeat them to yourself. You must know your worth because to everyone you meet, you are a blessing.

Acts Of Service

You are forever doing, giving, and pouring yourself out. This is incredible because in a world that skirts the line of selfish, you are forever pushing back. People don’t always know how to put others first, how to sacrifice themselves, how to set aside their expectations and compromise. You do this without question. You are the person people can count on, no matter one. You are the friend who will always lend a shoulder or a hand. Don’t forget how incredibly strong that is. Selflessness is not weakness, it’s power.

Physical Touch

You are the hands that build people, the arms that comfort, the body that warms. You are the comfort, the solace, the resting place for the people in your life. You are where they can go to seek peace, wisdom, love, and the confidence to rise again. Don’t underestimate the influence and power you have in others’ lives. You choose to build the people you love—and they need you. Remember to take a break sometimes and to strengthen your own soul, but never lose sight of the beautiful purpose you give to this world. Thank you for being you.

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