This Is What Being A College Grad Is Really Like

This Is What Being A College Grad Is Really Like
📷: tookapic

1. Still eating the same sh*tty food you did in college. Because organic produce is damn expensive and that’s not going to change just because you’ve walked across a stage.

2. Pretending you have your life together. Except you really don’t and everyone knows it. Oh well, at least you’re trying.

3. Constantly answering, (aka deflecting) questions about your post-grad life. Yes, you’ve mastered the fine art of deflection, for example, when someone asks you about your job search, you flip the question on them, “I heard your business is going quite well…tell me everything about it!” Then sit patiently, trying your best not to yawn.

4. Netflix and chillaxin’ solo. Yeah, 90% of your weekends consist of junk food, your latest binge series, and a fuzzy blanket.

5. Only wearing clothes when you have to. And the remainder of the time rocking the sweats, pjs, or slippers because you DGAF.

6. Spending any money you have on booze. Because even if you’re not employed, at least you have friends to go to the bars with.

7. Fighting the urge to move in with the rents. And trying not to think about all the money you’d save if you shacked up with them for a few months…ugh…the savings!

8. Becoming indecisive AF. About where to live, who to hangout with, whether or not to stay in (you’re probably going to stay in), if downloading Tinder is worth it (probably not) or if you can survive on soup, crackers, and oatmeal for the next three days.

9. FB creeping all your exes. Because you’re feeling nostalgic for the easier days, and also because you heard one of them got engaged??? What???

10. Binge-buying concert tickets because YOLO. But really because you’re caught between being a responsible human and living it up in your twenties…and sometimes you just have to be a twenty-something-year-old reckless stereotype.

11. Having a lot of feelings. Because this is a huge, transition phase of your life and you’re really not sure what the F you’re doing. (It’s okay to have a good cry, or mental breakdown, or major freakout moment…just try not to do it at the bar, or a party, or anywhere in public.)

12. Convincing yourself that you’re meant to be right where you are. Which is probably the hardest thing to believe, but is actually true. So just keep on keepin’ on, honey. You’re going to make it. (Eventually.)