Spilled Thoughts


girl looking out small window

I’m sitting in my favorite seat of the coffee shop, listening to cars pass by, listening to the voices floating from customers around me, listening to the construction across the street and the hum and flurry of activity around me. There are so many people. People who are content. People who are fighting illnesses, or disease, or injury. People who are heartbroken, or overflowing with love, or trying to find their way, or learning to let go. There are people like me, trying to breathe and slow down and remember that everything will turn around. That we won’t always be stuck.

My phone beeps with another message. I don’t want to read it. I don’t want to be pulled away from the moment, away from the now.

I simply want to exist—right here—with no interruptions. I simply want to breathe and hear and think and feel and not be pulled in hundreds of directions. I just want to be. Be here. Be alive. Be okay. Be unbound.


Featured Image Credit: Alec Douglas

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