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You Are Not A ‘Squad Goals’ Type Of Girl

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You are not a ‘squad goals’ type of girl. You are not one who continually needs to be surrounded by friends, prompted to do, be, and follow the footsteps of everyone else. You are not supposed to lean on everyone else’s opinions to figure out what to wear. Or to turn to the person next to you before letting words leave your lips.

You are not meant to be the girl with the ‘perfect’ clothes, ‘perfect’ hair, ‘perfect’ shoes. Not meant to be the girl in every picture with a smile plastered to her made-up face. There is more.

There is more than being one of a group, a face in the crowd – a woman without a true identity.

And don’t be ashamed. Because we all fall into this from time to time. We find ourselves wanting to ‘fit’ to ‘hide’ to simply ‘blend’ into the crowd of people around us, all with judgments and believes about who we ‘should be.’ Sometimes it’s hard to simply keep up.

But there is more to life than fake friends and striving to find your place in a crowd that will never truly accept you. There is more than trying to squeeze into clothing that doesn’t fit, or trying to earn attention from people you should never have to beg to look your way in the first place.

You don’t have to try to be a ‘squad goals’ girl, one who has a posse around her – everyone who looks, acts, and feels the same.

It’s far more powerful to have your own thoughts and opinions, to shrug on that oversized hoodie and jeans, or sundress, or shorts and a tank-top without a care in the world. Your life is yours to enjoy, to own.

You don’t have to fit in, be surrounded by everyone else who looks the same, has the same thoughts. You are just you. You don’t feel the need to fit in the little box. The little box of ‘cute,’ of ‘sexy,’ of ‘dateable’ of ‘best friend’ of ‘perfect’.

You have friends and you love them. But you aren’t defined by them.

You are not a’squad goals’ kind of girl.
You were born to stand out.

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