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You Have To Believe In Your Worth, No Matter What

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You are a worthy person despite what anyone says. This is one of the hardest lessons to learn, and one of the most difficult mantras to repeat to yourself: I am worthy, I am worthy.

In a world where what’s ‘beautiful’ or of ‘value’ is largely determined by popularity, price, or sex appeal, discovering your self-worth can be a challenge. The media makes people feel as if what they have and are isn’t good enough, or that there’s always something to fix. Magazines and movies glorify unnatural photographs and remedies. And people praise images where figures are retouched, so much so, that they no longer appear real.

Then there is the truth of our imperfect lives—the failures we face, obstacles we can’t move around, and relationships that fall apart. We begin to compare ourselves to the people around us. To the ones moving up the ladder, overcoming that failure, loving that ex. Am I too big or too small, too stupid or too smart? Too fat or too skinny? Too little or too much?

We question and question, spinning ourselves in circles, but what we don’t understand is that we are unique. And that uniqueness is what makes us valuable.

It’s not about how well we can blend into the world around us, or about how much we can look like the person standing next to us. It’s not about longing to be more like the man or woman our significant other used to love, or attempting to shift ourselves so that we can fit an image or role of someone else’s ‘ideal.’

Our worth is not dictated by the world.

It’s not measured by what society says, or what an image portrays, or even what we see and hear from the people closest to us. Our worth is not determined by a person who couldn’t love us, by an ex who walked away, or even by the one we’ve chosen to intertwine ourselves with right now.

The only thing that can determine our worth is the muscle beating wildly in our chest. And when we choose to remind ourselves of our inherent strength, power, and beauty, nothing can stand in our way.

You are worthy. This is for anyone who needs a reminder right now, who feels broken from a past relationship, who is longing for some sort of validation, or who is struggling to see who they are.

Life will break you, leave you, and make you question why you’re here. But the truth is that you have been put onto this earth for a reason. And no soul or circumstance can destroy that purpose.

You are worthy. Worthy of love, of acceptance, of a future, and of a new beginning. If you’ve been believing lies, set yourself free from them. If you’ve been chasing the wrong things, give yourself the strength to finally let them go. And if you’ve been validating yourself based upon what someone else says or believes, cast away that negativity and give yourself grace.

Worthiness is not perfection. And you—just as you are, imperfect and flawed—are more than enough.

Don’t let anyone or anything that happens in this life take that belief away from you.

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Marisa Donnelly, M.Ed., is a writer/editor, credentialed teacher, proud bonus mama, and CEO of Be A Light Collective, a coaching and content creation business and digital marketplace. She is the Director of Donnelly’s Daily Apple, a flexible learning/tutoring and educational resource platform, and the lead voice for Momish Moments and Step by Step Parents, verticals dedicated to sharing and advocating for non-traditional parenting journeys. Marisa currently resides in San Diego, California, with her fiancé, kiddo, and their two rambunctious Pitbulls. ❤️


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