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4 Reasons to Stay Close to Your College Best Friend

stay close to your college best friend

1. Your college best friend was there from the beginning. She was there in the stages where you moved from hesitant and insecure to a real woman. When you finally found your voice, stood your ground, and let go of people who hurt you. She was there the nights you cried over boys, and finally, one day learned to pursue a man. She was there to wipe your tears and celebrate your first kisses.

She was there to remind you that even when romantic love fails, friendship stays.

2. Your college best friend was the voice of craziness and voice of reason. She was the one next to you, shot-gunning beers in the gymnasium parking lot and the one holding your hair back as you puked. She was also the one telling you that you deserved better, and squeezing your hand with reassurance before you stepped on stage to accept your diploma.

She was relentlessly reminding you that you were someone worth loving, and that’s what you needed more than anything else.

3. Through the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, she was there. And although life has turned and twisted, although graduation has brought you to opposite corners of the world, she is there. And perhaps always will be.

So hold onto her.

4. No matter what, no one will take her place. You can move past college, past the craziness of work and projects and drinks. You can shift into your adult life, find love, move and rebuild a home elsewhere. You can let go of the times you thought would be with you forever, but the memories remain.

No one will take the place of the one who was beside you for some of the best years of your life.

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