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Be So Filled With Love That It Flows Freely From You

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There is nothing wrong with being someone who loves deeply. I can’t say this enough. In modern dating we’re cautioned to be careful, to be guarded, to not show too much of our hearts, and while I agree with the idea that we can’t throw all ourselves at someone before we (or they) are ready, I think we’ve conditioned ourselves to be so hesitant that it ruins the potential of what could be.

Instead of going with how we feel in the moment, we hold back and send mixed signals. Instead of telling someone what we’re thinking, we reshape our wording to appear removed and disinterested. Instead of letting our natural reactions and emotions happen as they will, we keep people at arm’s length under the guise of ‘strength.’

But all we’re really doing is weakening our spirits and learning how to stay alone.

I don’t think this is right. I don’t think we should spend our days being careful, being cautious because there’s far more we miss out on when we don’t give people a chance. I think there’s something to be said for foolishness; of course we shouldn’t walk blindly into connections, or date someone who doesn’t respect or honor us. But when it comes to taking a chance on someone, when it comes to stepping into a relationship that feels right, when it comes to being vulnerable, and open, and getting back into the scene after heartbreak—we must. We must.

We must be bold when it comes to love, opening and trying again because each person is different. We must be excited about the possibility, not shrinking in fear of the unknown.

We must be so filled with love that it flows freely from us, that everything we touch blooms because we have chosen to believe in, and seek the positive instead of burying ourselves in the negative.

We must care, care deeply, care too much. Because this is the way human connection should be—vulnerable, raw, and full.

I don’t think we should hold back. And no, I don’t mean we should run around telling every single person we love them or being downright crazy in our affection. I do think we have to have boundaries, respect other’s feelings, and make sure we’re on the same page as someone else before we overwhelm them. But I don’t think we should spend all our days waiting, wishing, and pretending we don’t care when we do.

I don’t think we should keep ourselves from the beautiful thing that love is, and can be.

I think, as people, our real purpose is to love—and not in the romantic sense, but to share our hearts with everything around us, and be given love in return. I believe that we find our passions and we pursue them wildly, blessing the earth with all that we can uniquely bring. I believe that the love we have for the things, people, and experiences of our lives will allow the world to become a better place. That is why we are here.

I believe that when we are rooted in love everything changes, and so we must let our hearts beat, let our hands speak, let our mouths kiss, let our emotions flow.

We must be so filled with love that it’s overflowing, that we are no longer scared to say, to feel, but instead pull people to our chests, give them our shoulders to lean on, listen, and stay.

We must be so filled with love that holding back is simply not an option because even when we are broken, we grow. Even when we lose love, we learn who we are. Even when we walk away with pain in our chests, we’re still so blessed by the care we’ve received and given away.

And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.
To give love, to share love, to be love.

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