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11 Best Gifts For The Travel Obsessed

best gifts for travelers, woman holding map

I have always loved traveling. Whether heading home for the holidays, visiting friends across the country, exploring new areas in a different corner of the world, or taking little excursions beyond my town, getting away has always been a refreshing experience for me. But when you travel, there’s a lot to consider. You have to juggle things like luggage, different electronics or usage issues (like the struggle of keeping track of which plug goes into which outlet or which converter you need!), or just the pain of trying to keep yourself organized while on the move.

Though I’m no backpacker or wanderlust junkie, I make it a point to travel at least five times a year. And every time I do, I learn a lot about what items are helpful, and which ones only bring me trouble. In the spirit of the holidays and the gift-season, whether you’re an avid ‘wander-luster’ looking to treat yourself, or you’re hoping knock off a few items for the travel enthusiasts on your list, this is a collection of some of the best gifts for travelers (in my opinion). Though the list is primarily for women (sorry guys!) this is a useful place if you’re looking to treat the lady in your life, or to get ideas for any travel junkie you love.

And if you’re curious, here are a few more of my favorite luxury travel products, too.

1. This foldable duffel bag (in an assortment of colors).

best gifts for travelers, folding duffel bag
Nothing says convenience like a folding bag. Not only are you able to squeeze this guy into small spaces, (and legitimately as small as pocket-sized), but you can easily transport it within another bag if you’re packing for a longer, multi-area trip. I’ve really enjoyed this brand, plus it comes in a variety of colors to fit your style. It’s waterproof (which is a must), and can be carry-on size, too.

[Here’s where you can get your own bag.]

2. A 5-In-1 adapter to help you connect to any outlet.

best gifts for travelers, 5-In-1 adapter
When you’re traveling internationally, finding and packing the right adapter for your AC port can be a pain. You can’t mess something like this up, either, because then you’ll short out your electronics or beauty supplies, which is a definite no. Instead of playing the guessing game, or trying to locate individual adapters wherever you last left them, invest in this easy 5-In-1 adapter.

This thing is amazing. The adapters stack and store together, and they’re color-coded, too, so that it’s even easier to tell them apart. The adapters can fit in outlets for over 150 countries, too, so you’re set no matter where you go.

[Here’s where you can purchase this great travel necessity.]

3. A wear-everywhere black dress.

best gifts for travelers, black dress
Okay ladies, nothing can beat a loose-fitting dress that can be both casual and elegant. When you’re traveling (and it becomes necessary to re-wear clothes as much as possible) this is an excellent staple item that can work with whatever you bring, from sweaters to converse. Plus, it’s super affordable at $12-19 and can ship to you in two days with Amazon Prime! (Great for you last-minute packers/shoppers!)

The dress comes in sizes S-XL. It’s also available in a variety of other colors, too, if black isn’t your thing.

[Here’s where you can get a little black dress of your own.]

4. This portable air-purifier.

best gifts for travelers, portable air purifyer
Let’s face it, when you’re traveling, you’re running into a ton of different conditions and weather situations, which can take a toll on your overall health. Plus, if you find yourself in stuffy spaces, smoking rooms, or overcrowded cities, you may want to just freshen yourself and the air you breathe. This air purifier is actually reasonably priced ($99) and does the job without taking up any space.

This is one of the best gifts for travelers, especially anyone struggling with lung issues/asthma.

[Here’s where you can purchase your own.]

5. A mini hair straightener for styling on the go.

best gifts for travelers, travel hair tools
I’ve been a partner and avid buyer of Monat products for just over six months now. I wouldn’t change a thing. One of their latest releases is this travel set, which includes not only a mini straightener, but a blow dryer, too!

I’ve never been a fan of traveling with bulky hair tools, but with curly hair and the longing to switch up my style, I’ve found that this mini hair straightener is perfect. It’s small, yes, but it works so well! (And with all types of hair, too!) I also love that the outer parts of the straightener heat up, too. This helps with doing loose curls (so the iron functions as a 2-in-1 tool as well)!

[Here’s where you can purchase your own styling tool kit, (and if your’e interested in becoming a Monat VIP or more involved in the products, reach out to me via email).]

6. This foldable, comfy + cute flats.

best gifts for travelers, folding flats
Flats are so fun for traveling. Their comfortable enough to wear around, but their fancy enough to dress up or wear for an evening out. I love these Talaria flats, though, because they fold! It’s easy to pack a pair (or even a few) in your suitcase without taking up too much room.

They are available in sizes 5-8, 12 and in silver, champagne, white, and black.

[Here’s where you can get a pair of your own.]

7. A set of 3 ‘cord tacos.’

best gifts for travelers, cord taco
I’ve only recently discovered the amazing thing that is a ‘cord taco,’ but I’ve seriously been wondering where it’s been all my life. This is one of the best gifts for travelers because it makes transporting a bunch of electronics so simple! These little ‘tacos’ hold and organize your cords, wires, charges, earbuds, etc. keeping them in place when you’re on the go. They come in a variety of colors and are made from genuine leather!

[Here’s where you can get your own 3-pack.]

8. A highly efficient portable charger.

best travel products, EcoFlow RIVER Rapid
Of all the chargers I’ve traveled with over the years, this is probably the best. It’s mall enough to fit anywhere (3 inches tall!) and it’s strong enough to charge my Lenovo laptop for at least an extra 45min – 1 hour on dangerously low battery. It’s great because I can take it anywhere without all the hassle of extra cords, and it’s USB-C compatible, too!

[Here’s where you can get your own.]

9. This uber-convenient, neck-saving travel pillow.

best gifts for travelers, Huzi infinity travel pillow
Hands down, one of the best gifts for travelers has to be this Infinity Neck Pillow. This pillow works like a cozy scarf I can curl up in. You can wear it a variety of ways: to the side like a normal pillow, under your chin like a big infinity scarf, or wrapped around you like a ‘comfort circle.’ I’m a big fan of this pillow because it’s a great shape that actually supports your neck without cramping. It’s also primarily made of bamboo, so super breathable rather than stuffy. The pillow is big enough to fit completely around your head, but small enough to be stuffed into a carry on. It’s changed my airplane sleeping game for sure!

[Here’s where you can find your own neck pillow.]

10. A map of the world (for your push pin markings and scratching off).

best gifts for travelers, map
Hopefully you’ve heard of that tradition—putting push pins everywhere you’ve traveled to. This map can help you do that with yourself or loved ones, as well as scratch off places you’ve been (two-fold fun!). You can even do multiple colors of push pins: for you vs someone else, or for places you’ve been vs. places you want to go. It’s a great and commemorative gift for those with wanderlust.

[Here’s where you can purchase your own map.]

11. These ‘Try the World’ food and snack kits.

best gifts for travelers, snacks, Try the World
This is an excellent gift for the traveler and/or the foodie—these snack boxes allow you to literally taste the flavors of the world! You can try a variety of snacks, sauces, spices, and drinks that are made and shipped authentically. There are two different types at two different costs, perfect for a special food-related treat.

[Here’s where you can see and order your own ‘Try the World’ items.]

Featured Image Credit: Paul Hanaoka


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