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14 Best Last-Minute Gifts For Everyone On Your List

happy woman holding last-minute gifts for Christmas

We’ve officially passed mid-December. Are you wondering where the time’s gone, or is that just me?! When it comes to holiday shopping, I’m typically pretty good at thinking ahead. But this year seemed to sneak up on me a little quicker than I hoped and all of a sudden I’m scrambling for last-minute gifts.

I don’t know if you’re like me (and sort of stressing 🙈), but if you’re in the market for some quick present ideas—don’t stress! From the traveler to the techie, the fitness freak to the pet-lover (and everyone in-between) here are some of the best last-minute gifts for everyone on your list.

For the Techie:

When it comes to the latest and greatest in tech, I’ll fully admit that I’m not an expert. But, as someone who cares about both the environment and the ease of use (since I run my own business), I do have a knack for finding products that are helpful and smart. Here are my latest favorites for any ‘techie’ on your list:

Satechi Dual Smart Outlet

smart outlet for your home for last-minute gifts
Technology is everything, especially this day and age. But how often are we racking up our electricity bills because of programs or items we have plugged in but aren’t always actively using? Say hello to the smart plug. I’m obsessed with this thing because in the move my boyfriend and I made into our new home this past October, we’ve saved tons on electricity just by paying attention to what we have plugged in and using the Satechi app to monitor/shut off usage when necessary.

I’m not an Apple user (James is) but he’s shared how great it is that the plug seamlessly connects to Apple products and Apple Homekit. This gives him the option to monitor power, use Siri voice activation to control it, and sync it up to WiFi so that we’re always in the know about what we’re running or using.

You can grab the dual plug for $59 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

Neewer Ring Light & Stand

ring light and tripod for videographers
In the age of social media, people are now, more than ever, pursuing passion projects, engaging with followers, and starting new business ventures. That’s why I value this kit by Neewer. It’s great for anyone who’s interested in taking quality photos or videos at home without the extra hassle or expense.

The kit includes a desk-size ring light (6″) with remote, tiny tripod, and phone holder. There are adjustable brightness settings for the light and it’s Mini USB compatible. For anyone getting serious (or even just starting!) photography, videos, tutorials, etc. this is a useful and quality gift.

It’s only $17 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

PS: If that seems like a little overkill, or if the person on your list is just beginning and you don’t want to be too aggressive with your gift, consider this portable mini ring light with a clamp that can attach to any wall or desk surface. It’s a great buy with the same feel as the above, but a little less intimidating. It’s slightly more expensive, but it’s fun and definitely worth it. You can get it for $30 on Amazon (Buy Now).

Satechi Dual Multimedia Adapter

multimedia adapter for laptop
When it comes to technology, I am all about convenience. The easier I can make my life, the better, which is why I absolutely love this multimedia adapter. For anyone who uses their computer often, needs more than one USB port in their laptop, or likes to run different programs at the same time (while simultaneously charging different items), then this is an incredibly useful option for last-minute gifts. Plus, it helps with office and cord organization, too!

Although a bit pricey, it’s a worthy buy of $110 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

Satechi 10-Port USB Hub

10-port USB hub for charging, last-minute gifts
Again, convenience is everything. And for the techie on your list—they’ll absolutely feel the same way. Why not give them the gift of simplicity with this 10-port USB hub? The hub has 7 USB 3.0 ports and 3 charging ports so you can easily plug-in and remove devices. It also stands alone, so it can easily be moved to fit any space.

You can get it for $45 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

For the Fitness Junkie:

If you’re looking for last-minute gifts for someone who loves exercise and fitness, you have to go beyond the basics and think about what this person really needs. Although it might seem challenging because some gifts are personal (think sports bras – yikes!) and some people are picky, there are options. Here are a few of my favorite products:

Wicked Waterproof Earbuds & Charging Case

great last-minute gifts waterproof headphones
What started my obsession with these earbuds was the waterproof aspect. For my boyfriend, who is a commercial diver, waterproof is essential since he spends 90% of the day on a boat or literally in the ocean. I wanted to get him something that would be durable, but wouldn’t compromise on quality. These Wicked headphones are exactly that.

Stored and charged in this pod-wireless-speaker, the convenience of these can’t be beat. There’s no confusing sync; it’s simple one-touch Bluetooth and the buds are comfortable (I had to test).

You can get the buds for $88 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

PaMu Slide Mini Earbuds

wireless headphones for fitness junkies
One of the newest products on the market in terms of earbuds, these are advertised to be similar to AirPods, but only half of the price. For the exercise guru, this is a must because something small and portable (without breaking the bank) is the way to go.

Unlike the PaMu Slide headphones, which some people argue doesn’t stay well in your ear, the Minis are made to be compact enough to stay put—regardless of the intensity. They also come in a variety of colors so you can personalize your gift. They’re expected to have over 30 hours of seamless playtime on a single charge, too.

You can find them for $69 — (Buy Now)

Vooray Gym Bag

portable trendy gym bag
I’ve always been a fan of practical gym bags. Sometimes ones that are ‘trendy’ or ‘cute’ don’t have the same efficiency as a classic one. However, this line from Vooray had me pleasantly surprised. Designed with fashion and practicality in mind, these bags come in a variety of gorgeous patterns, but they don’t compromise on quality.

Each bag has a separate section for shoes, a holder for your water bottle on the outside, a phone pocket on the exterior front, and mesh lining inside for additional items. There’s a water-resistant base and although each bag has a durable polyester-nylon blend, it’s still lightweight enough to not be cumbersome. It also comes with a shoulder strap and is about 5.5″ x 9.5″ x 9.5″ in size.

You can find it on Amazon in camo, blue, pink-white camo, gray floral, black floral (pictured), navy floral, and shattered glass for $50 — (Buy Now)

For the Pet Lover:

If you’ve followed my blog or socials for the past few years, you’d know I’m obsessed with my boyfriend’s dog, Styles. In fact, I don’t really consider him James’ dog anymore. He’s definitely mine. 😛 But in the true dog mom spirit, what I’ve added to my personal shopping list, and the list for my other pet-loving friends are these purrrfect products:

PetSafe’s Car Cuddler

happy child and dog on car seat cuddler
dog in car cuddlerI can’t praise this enough. This is a cozy car seat that can be buckled in to offer both security and comfort for any car ride. It’s machine washable, so it’s easy to take care of; not to mention it keeps excess fur from your seats, too. It’s a breeze to assemble and can be folded when not in use. There are two different sizes for different pets (see below).

This has been invaluable to me, especially when I take Styles on errands, or when James and I drove up to my cousin’s in Arizona for Thanksgiving (a 6.5 hour drive). Here’s a picture of Styles taking living his best, sleepy life on our drive back. He’s also pictured above enjoying it before I even installed it in the car! 😄

  • Small “Bucket” (for pets up to 30 lbs): 40 in L x 23 in W x 5 in H — $33 on Amazon (Buy Now)
  • Large “Bench” (for pets over 30 lbs): 40 in L x 55 in W x 5 in H — $64 on Amazon (Buy Now)

PetSafe Waterproof Seat Cover

dog on seat cover
This waterproof seat cover is best for the practical pet owner, or someone who enjoys taking their animal outside. It’s also great for anyone who values a clean car, because—let’s face it—one trip to the beach or muddy dog park and you’re getting another interior detail.

This seat cover is durable, easy to set up and take down, and has different styles and sizes, depending on your preference. Plus, it ships and will arrive before Christmas!

Standard Bench Style (Pictured above): $25 on Amazon (Buy Now)
Hammock Style (What I have): $33 on Amazon (Buy Now)

PetAmi Travel Bag

portable travel bag for pets
Something I realized we needed this Christmas (because Styles deserves presents, too!) is a travel bag for when we take weekend trips. After driving to Arizona for Thanksgiving, and packing dog food in plastic bags, I realized enough was enough. This is a sensible, cute, and efficently-made over-the-shoulder pet travel bag that I’d highly recommend.

It comes with two removable, stacking food and water bowls as well as two tiny bowls that shrink down. These are great for walking or hiking, for example, and take up virtually no room. The top sections of the bag are great for storing treats and poop bags, and there are also flexible pouches for other necessities (leashes, toys, etc.)

The bag comes in blue (teal), purple, black and silver is $32 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

Mobile Dog Gear Travel Backpack

dog-friendly travel backpack as a great last-minute gift
If you want to shamelessly spoil the person on your list (and their furry friend), then this pet-friendly travel bag is a great last-minute gift. For a heftier price, you get all the bells and whistles, but in a bag that’s easily tossed on your back—convenience you can’t beat.

Like other travel products, all the food containers for this backpack are small and stackable. This bag also has two collapsible silicone bowls (with front flap storage) as well as inner pockets. It also comes with a placemat to soak up any water or mess your pet makes while eating. The durable polyester is claimed to last longer than other products. There’s also the option for the owner to personalize the bag with the little nametag on the hook loop which justifies the bigger expense.

It comes in silver (pictured), light blue, navy-white Polkadot, and purple — $69 on Amazon (Buy Now)

For the Traveler:

I love creating gift guides for travelers because there are so many options out there! In fact, last holiday season I created a gift guide for the travel obsessed, so if you’re looking for more ideas, check that one out! But here are some of the latest (and in my opinion, the best) last-minute gifts for those who are filled with wanderlust.

‘Juliette Has A Gun’ Travel Spray

travel perfume
I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve accidentally tossed perfume in my carry on and had to throw it away, or scramble out of line to get back into my checked luggage before it hit the conveyer belt. What a nightmare! To avoid issues altogether, get this travel spray for the loved one on your list.

It’s small enough to be in a carry-on bag, cheap enough to not break the bank (while still being a quality perfume), and it’s made with ingredients that smell soothing, even for sensitive systems.

You can find it for $28 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

Toms Cabrillo Sneakers

Tom's travel sneakers
I’m all about comfort, especially when it comes to traveling and being in an airport. I’m always the type of person who opts for slip-on shoes (purely for the convenience) and then I immediately regret everything when I have to take my shoes off and I’m barefoot in the middle of the security line! Ew!

These slide-on gym shoes solve that problem, while fully supporting my feet. They’re great, too, because they come in neutral colors that will go with everything and look more like a fashionable shoe than a traditional ‘sneaker.’

You can find them (in so many color options for $75 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

GLCON Luggage Tracker & App

luggage tracker for best last-minute gifts option

I stumbled across this product and I was stoked to order it as last-minute gifts for several of my wanderlust-obsessed friends and family members. When it comes to airports and travel (especially out of the country) keeping tabs on your bags is really important. This tracker comes with an app included that helps you see where your items are, anywhere you have an internet connection. It’s reasonably priced, too, which makes it even better!

You can get it for $25 on Amazon — (Buy Now)

PS: If you want to get something *fancier* for someone on your list, check out these luxury travel products!

Any Other Last-Minute Gift Ideas?

I enjoy finding new products and sharing what I love. These are just a few of my favorite last-minute gifts, but there are many more! If you have a product you’d recommend, or if you are a business/brand looking for me to share your items, I’d be happy to! Simply reach out to me via email or feel free to comment below!

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