If You Want The Fullness Of God’s Promise, Let Go Of Pain

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Before you were even born, God had a plan. He had sewn together the cells, the muscles, the fabric of your being, all the while knowing who you would be and become. He knew your imperfection; He saw the curve of your smile. He looked at every part of you, and though you were messy and sinful and wild, He loved you because you were His—a simple fact that will never change.

And as the days went on, your presence graced this earth. You laughed, you learned, you failed and fell down. You loved and got your heart broken; you lost people and dreams. You found your footing and continued. You stumbled, just trying to navigate your way. You grew into a complex and wonderful person. You relied on Him, but also on the beating of your heart.

You figured out the direction you were meant to head, and sometimes you had no idea (and still don’t). You learned to deepen your faith in seeking His truth, and sometimes you strayed because you felt capable on your own.

But then you pushed Him away, searching for answers within vices or people. You let your sin become your self-definition, even though you knew in your heart that wasn’t the truth. You allowed this life to break you down instead of leaning on your Father to build you.

You lost sight of your potential, of who you had (and always have) the power to be.

The truth is, you forgot the Almighty strength of your God, and how, no matter what happens, He is ever present. You forgot God’s promise. You forgot that if you let Him take over your life, He would rescue you and bring you back to wholeness.

You’ll never reach the fullness of God’s promise if you are so focused on all that’s gone wrong, or is missing, or hurts instead of letting Him cleanse your tired soul. You were convinced that you were worthless instead of believing in His truth—that you are a child of the King, and nothing less.

The truth is, we’re all going to fall short. We’re all going to fail. We’re all going to sin and get caught up in the wrong things. But that doesn’t mean we’re unworthy of our Father’s love. It means we are human, and in need of Him to bring us back to who we really are.

It means we need to stop being so hard on ourselves and understand that when we begin to let go of all the mistakes, or moments we’ve fallen short, or pain we’ve been carrying, we will see the beautiful truth of God’s promise and passion in our lives.

It means we will be forgiven, have a new start and begin again in Him.

When we stop clinging to our pain, we will see His love for us. When we stop breaking ourselves down because of our imperfection, we’ll begin to feel His forgiveness and strength running through our veins. When we stop telling ourselves lies, we’ll know His redemption.

When we stop letting the negative moments of our lives define and hold us back, we’ll realize the potential, the hope, the goodness that’s been promised to us.

And we’ll begin to heal.

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