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I Will Be The One To Hold You When It All Falls Apart

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I will be the arms that wrap around you, the lips that kiss your cheeks with tenderness. I will be the warmth that fills you, the strength that builds within your bones. I will be the breath you breathe—inhale, exhale together—that centers you, gives you peace.

I won’t be, and I can’t be the one who saves you, but I will be the love that brings you back to yourself.

Because you have always been and will always be strong enough to carry your own weight. Because you will be okay. Because you have slipped and forgotten your way, but you are not lost or broken beyond repair. Because this life is filled with moments that will challenge and change you, but no matter what happens I will be here.

This is what I promise: I promise that I will stand next to you when the doubts fill your mind, that I will smile for the both of us when your heart is heavy. I promise that I will speak words of truth and confidence to your tired soul. I promise that I will hold you and never waver, no matter the conflict this life brings.

When your life is spiraling down, when you’ve fallen victim to vices, when you’re afraid of what tomorrow brings and doubt whether you have the ability to conquer it, I will stand before you and simply show you you’re not alone.

I will listen to your cries, shoulder your tears, sit quietly or say what’s on my mind. I will hug you until you pull away; I will simply hold your hand as a reminder that someone cares, always.

When the world falls apart and you no longer recognize your reflection in the bathroom mirror, when you aren’t sure what to do, when you’re angry and bitter, I will kiss you softly until the disappointment melts on your tongue. I will press my lips against yours until that curve of your mouth turns towards a smile.

I will help to put you back together again.

Through thick or thin, high or low, darkness or light—I will fight for you, for us.

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