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I Won’t Let You Break Me

woman in the bath saying I won't let you break me

He says he will wait,
says it all romantically
because he knows that’s what I want,
know I have always been guarded
when it comes to matters of my body,
but never my heart.
He knows I’ve always been a woman of faith;
my body will always be my temple.
Mine to own
and to protect.

He says he will wait,
says it all sticky-sweet
coating my mind like syrup.
Says he will wait
but push my limits
to see where I’ll stand firm
and where I’ll falter.
To see how far I’ll go.

But that isn’t love—
making someone lose
a sense of who they are
just to find a place in your arms.
Bending someone
until they break
and fall
for you.

Featured Image Credit: Hannah Postovaya

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