What It Means To Be A Christian (& Why I Share My Faith)

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The decision to write about my Christian faith publicly was one that took quite some time. I was scared of putting myself out there so vulnerably. I was nervous about my writing being stereotyped or seen in a specific way. I was nervous about what it meant to proclaim, to the world, that I was a follower of Jesus. But after quite a few months of inner turmoil and a push I felt came from God Himself, I started being open and writing about my Christian faith.

But something that I wrestle with quite often, and a question I think all believers face is what it really means to be a Christian.

Being a Christian is about connection—to other people, to strangers, to fellow believers, and even (and especially) to those who don’t see the world the way you do. It’s about being open to souls that need guidance in a way that doesn’t set you above. It’s about forgiveness and showing grace as God has shown you. It’s about trying to live a life that honors your Creator, even in all your imperfection.

It’s not about thinking you are more worthy of love than someone who doesn’t believe. It’s not about looking down on a person because he or she is struggling, or choosing not to follow God’s light. It’s not about pushing people away who think differently than you, or judging those who have a lifestyle that doesn’t match your own.

It’s not about telling everyone how they must live, but loving every soul as your brother and sister, and showing Jesus’ compassion to them, even when you don’t agree.

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