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Let Your Vibrancy Be Unmatched: Reflections On Hearing Tash Sultana Live

Tash Sultana smiling and playing on stage during show

I love music that moves me. I love standing amidst a crowd and feeling my legs dance unconsciously, my head tip back, my hips sway effortlessly. I love closing my eyes and losing myself in a song, no longer thinking of what’s to come, what has happened, or what I have to do, but living in the moment. Letting everything else slip away.

This has been a passion of mine—chasing sounds that stir my soul, attending shows that make both my mind and heart feel, listening to music of all genres that reflects something beautiful in the relationship between each of our personal experiences and that of our natural, human connection.

All of this is what I felt at Tash Sultana’s show.

Tash Sultana, an Australian vocalist and multi-instrument musician has only been on my radar for a short time. I stumbled across her video of “The Jungle” (see video below) about three months ago and instantly fell in love. The way she loses herself in the music, her ability to record and then create new tunes on top of those recordings in real time, the layers of her sound and the passion that literally drips from her voice—this is what tugged at my heart instantly.

After watching the video, I immediately searched when she would be in San Diego: April 18th. I knew I had to be there. And, like I expected, her show was nothing less than the incredible soul experience I imagined.

What I love about Tash Sultana the most is her energy. From the start of her show, she was smiling, engaging, and letting the music take control of her every cell. She started the night with a bold statement for the celebration and acceptance of all genders—male, female, trans, non-binary—saying, proudly, “If you don’t accept everyone, then get the f*ck out of my gig.” I love it. That sentence is what set the tone for the entire show: She was for the acceptance and love of everyone.

From there, she dove into the music, sharing sounds we’d heard in her video recordings and remixes that were brand new. She pulled out a clarinet, a trumpet, danced around the stage, and even head banged (as we did simultaneously) with her drum beats and electric guitar chords.

As I watched, I was simply in awe. Her smile, her focus, the way she was literally pouring herself into the music was not only tangible, but beautiful. I found myself closing my eyes, leaning back into my boyfriend’s chest, pulling his arms tightly around me and letting my body move naturally. I felt at peace, looking around seeing so many other bodies and faces all in a peaceful trance.

There was a young child close to the front of the stage; at one point Tash stopped the show to acknowledge the three-year-old (she would later post the child’s sign on her Instagram page) and to share her humble awe at the fact that the parents would bring their child to her show. (What an honor! So deserved.)

Honestly, the night, for lack of a better description, was absolutely wonderful. The music, the experience, the happiness that floated from her fingertips, through the instruments, to each and every one of our hearts—I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my Wednesday.

If you haven’t heard her music, I would highly suggest listening. Perhaps when you’re studying, making dinner and watching the sunset, laying on the beach, riding your bike leisurely through town, taking a shower, falling asleep, driving home from work (honestly anywhere). The sound, the vibrations, the love she shares—there’s nothing like it.

Tash Sultana’s concert was a reminder to me that we each have a vibrancy within us. We each have a gift, a passion, a purpose, and in our time on this earth we must build and share that with everyone around us.

We must let our love fill us, and the world.

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