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Maybe You Leave

Maybe You Leave, Somewhere On A Highway

“Maybe you leave
because you long to know.
Maybe you leave
not because of longing
but because you must.
Or maybe you leave
simply to find the answers
you’ve held inside of you
all along.”
— Marisa Donnelly, Somewhere On A Highway

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had plenty of times in my life where I felt like leaving was the right thing. Not necessarily leaving a person or a relationship, but leaving a place. Leaving a feeling. I often found myself restless before I moved to California, always chasing something (even if I wasn’t quite sure what that was), and always running—from pain, from the people who loved me, from myself.

A large part of my journey surrounds this restlessness and my journey to discovering why I felt such a pull to be somewhere other than where I was. I think, subconsciously, my soul was telling me I couldn’t be rooted to one place—I had to go—to learn, to grow, to become myself.

Life, I think, is all about journeying to both find yourself, and come back to yourself. My book, Somewhere On A Highway tells that story through poetry. Yes, it’s about my life (in a sense), but it’s also about yours, too. It’s about the discoveries we all make, and the stories we write as we go through our lives.

I hope, if you feel like me, or ever have along the way, that these words will resonate with you.

Maybe you feel like leaving. Maybe your foot is halfway out the door. But maybe, just maybe, you’re on the right path—even if it feels like you’re not even sure where you’re headed.

Featured Image Credit: Ravi Roshan

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