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The Storm – ‘write your poem backwards challenge’

blurry stormy sky

I’m in a poetry workshop this weekend in Iowa City and one of the challenges was to take a poem we’ve written and read it backwards, from the last line to the first line. Strangely enough, I found myself drawn to the backwards version of this poem, “The Storm,” which is about a couple’s first fight. In the original version, the storm builds then recedes. In this ‘backwards’ version, however, we start with the peaceful moment that leads to the storm. I like what this poem says about human relationships and the imperfections and challenges we face with those we love. Check it out and let me know what you think! Feedback always welcomed.

The Storm
to my future husband

Fragile, like a rainbow
we share this moment:
two spoons, two scoops
mint chocolate chip
a truce. The raindrops
fall steady now, but later
you will leave me. We will retreat
to opposite corners of the kitchen.
Your red face, my balled fists
words that tumble like thunder
angry across the linoleum floor,
words scattered like broken dishes.
I have already imagined the fight.

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