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Today, I Am Happy

smiling happy girl with scarf

Today, I am happy. And it’s not because of a guy, not because I’ve started to fall in love, not because of a ‘good morning’ text or a heart-softening kiss.

No, my heart is full because I love this life. I love myself. I love my work. I love the air and the sunshine and the way the earth smells before the sun rises.

I am happy because I’m blessed.
I am happy because I’ve had the time to write, to think, to realize how fortunate I am.
I am happy because there isn’t a reason not to be.

I wish I could grab this feeling—the unconscious smile, sense of comfort from my toes to my nose—and wrap it up in a little box to open when I’m low.

I know I won’t always feel this way, light on my feet, warm, whole. But for now, I’ll hold onto it as long as I can, keep it close, remember that every day is a gift, and life is good.

Featured Image Credit: Marisa Donnelly

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