We’re Not Broken—We’re Redeemed

📷: Bruno van der Kraan

A comment on my Instagram feed this morning made me stop in my tracks. I had shared about pursuing our ‘Perfector’ rather than perfection, meaning we should try to align ourselves with God and not the world and stop worrying so much about whether we were doing/saying/being the ‘right’ things, and instead and live like Jesus.

The post was timely, given Easter was yesterday, and it was something I had on my heart when I woke up this morning so I wanted to share it. But this person’s comment made me think. They said this: “We are so much more messed up than we could ever imagine, yet we are so much more loved than we could ever hope.”

Those lines, yes, speak some truth. As humans we are so incredibly flawed and imperfect. But what the comment is missing is the hope we find in Jesus. Yes, He loves us. But it’s infinitely more than that.

He doesn’t just offer love, He offers freedom. He offers newness. He offers a life beyond this one, a purpose, and an existence in His glory that fills us when we’re empty and never lets us be alone.

We may feel broken, flawed, sinful, hurting, ‘messed up’ at times — but in Christ, we are redeemed. And no longer any of those things.

Being saved by Jesus means that we no longer have to identify with those painful parts of ourselves; we are no longer bound by the mistakes, the loss, the death, the breakups, the heartache, the pain, the burdens.

We are not victims to what has happened to us, or held captive by the plans that fell apart. We don’t have to walk around feeling less or unworthy. Because we’re not in His eyes.

Christ died for us. So we say goodbye to guilt. We stop finding our identity in our brokenness. And when we accept His sacrifice for us, there is no more distance between us, and Him.

We are sinners, yes, and will never be perfect, but Christ is. And we are His creations—loved enough to be saved—from this world, from this pain, and even from ourselves.

The reason this comment stuck out to me is because so many of us have this perspective of brokenness and shame that we carry with us. We look so lowly at ourselves because of our sin, when in all reality, even God doesn’t view us so negatively.

We walk around hanging onto this belief that we’ll forever be inadequate, that we’ll never be enough when truthfully, that is not the way God sees us.

To our Father, we were already and always enough. Regardless of our mistakes and imperfections, we are (and always will be) His creations. We were made in His image, and yet the only thing that separates us from Him is our sin. But we can’t forget He has already taken that away.

No, we won’t be perfect. But that doesn’t mean we are somehow loved less. Because His Son already died for us, to take away all that has made us broken, or weak, or burdened, or empty.

So why do we hold onto what is no longer ours to carry? Why do we identify with the broken pieces instead of seeing ourselves as He sees us—forgiven, whole, and loved?

The truth about our Father is that He cares for us unconditionally. So instead of walking around believing that we are ‘messed up’ and unworthy, we have to remember that we have already been redeemed. We have already been saved. We are already blessed by His promises.

In Christ we are brought to fullness.
In Christ we are set free.