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What I Would Say to You, If I Could

I came across an old picture of you, dressed in that hooded sweatshirt you always wore. Well maybe not a picture of you, but a picture of us, a collage. We were happy, messing with each other, making silly faces at the camera. We smiled in one photo, the top right. Our faces were so close together we looked almost like siblings, brown hair, brown eyes. If I could reach into that picture, pull myself back into that moment, I would tell you to laugh, and laugh more. That life isn’t measured necessarily by pictures, but it is the pictures we remember. So laugh and take many of them. Never miss an opportunity to take another, to let go of serious faces, to stick your tongue out. I hope if you’ve learned one thing from me, it’s that pictures do matter. Because once people are gone, it’s the pictures that keep our memories and hearts whole.

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