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You Are More Than A Woman

you are more than a woman

Sweet girl, you are more than a woman.
You are voices of the ones who came before you,
their strength and wild etched into your bones.
You are the patience of a grandmother, fierceness
of a mother raising three sons alone. You are
the complexions, the gestures, the attitudes
of generations both past and future
and your tenacity will live on in the babies
you may one day bear. You are the stubbornness,
the gentleness, the laugh that fills each heart,
each room. You are the independence
that exists without love because all you need
is already within you. You are a storm
and a breeze, a hurricane and a summer night—
soft and strong, bold and beautiful, and yet,
not defined. You are hands that work
and wear rings. Delicate and empowered.
You can open your mind, your legs, and especially
your own doors. You are lines of poetry
and words yet to be spoken.
You are hands and hips, mouths and thoughts
forever running wild. You are more
than just a woman. You are a world.

Featured Image Credit: Alex Sorto

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