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You’ll Never Find Mr. Right If You Keep Changing For Mr. Wrongs

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Relationships will inevitably leave you with ups and downs. You’ll love and lose people. You’ll give all you had and sometimes end up heartbroken. I wish we were never hurt or broken, but it happens (no matter what we do).

But the redeeming quality of love, and the truth about it, regardless of pain – is that it’s beautiful and always worth it – even if you end up broken in the end.

But here’s what you need to remember about falling in love: you can’t change yourself because of a broken heart.

You can’t decide to be a different person because of the Mr. Wrongs, because of the people who couldn’t love you or who hurt you. You can’t become a different person, to close yourself off because you feel for the person who wasn’t meant to stay.

You can’t decide to change because the wrong one hurt you, because that will keep you from finding the right one.

See, the right person won’t make you change because he loves you, simply for who you are. The right one won’t ask you to be different, to mold to his rules or plans.

The right one is looking for you—the real you—the you that is vulnerable and open, the you that loves fearlessly and doesn’t let the Mr. Wrongs change who you’ve always been.

So please, don’t let the wrong people keep you from finding the love you deserve.

Don’t change or doubt yourself because I promise it won’t always hurt the way it does right now.

If you change for the Mr. Wrongs, you’ll never find the Mr. Right. You’ll never find the one who loves you for you.

So hold out for the one who sees all the wonder in you, and treasures you because of this. Hold out for the one who isn’t looking to leave or break your heart. And don’t let yourself be changed for anyone. Because with the right one, you won’t have to.

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