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7 Heartwarming Truths For Anyone In A Long Distance Relationship

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1. Distance does strengthen your bond.

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder,’ and honestly, this is absolutely true. When you’re not around your significant other 100% of the time, you’re forced to really pay attention to the little things so that you can share them later, to be intentional in your conversations, and to make time for one another despite the busyness of schedules.

You learn what times work to talk, and what fuels your phone calls. You learn how to celebrate big moments when you can’t always be there physically, and most of all, you learn to look forward with joy to the next time you’ll see one another—passion that only builds in your time apart.

2. Every time you are around your person, you relearn them in beautiful ways.

Distance makes love an adventure. Each time you see one another again, you’re relearning who they are, who you are alongside them. Sometimes it feels like you’re coming home, and sometimes it’s like you’re experiencing a new person. Either way, the adventure of loving someone long distance means discovering your relationship and how it grows over time.

3. Your words matter.

Sometimes we put so much focus on the physical—on what’s right in front of us, what we can touch or feel—but truthfully, our words carry weight. And if you’re in a long distance relationship, the words you say are of utmost importance.

You speaking to your partner—even if it’s about little things—shows that you value the time spent sharing your life with him or her. And distance plays no role in that. Being able to talk, to open, or even to share small pieces of your everyday matters especially to people who are living life apart.

4. Emotional intimacy is deepening with every conversation.

Even when you feel like you’re a million miles apart, or you’re craving the ability to just kiss your person when they’re upset, know that the emotional intimacy being built in every conversation, with every text message, in every letter is what will deepen the intensity of your bond.

You don’t take one another for granted. You appreciate the ability to talk, even when life gets complicated. And you share pieces of your life with one another willingly, bringing yourselves closer, regardless of physical space.

5. There is always something to look forward to.

You are forever looking forward to the next time you’ll see one another, to the next flight or car ride, to your next plans. Your love life might not be as simple as going on dates each week, but you build memories that are special in the time you have. You make space for one another, and get excited about memories to come.

6. Love knows no restrictions of time or space.

Your love does not simply fade with distance. It stays. It fights. It believes. And it continues to grow, limitlessly. There are no rules—just love and a wild faith in one another.

7. Separation is only temporary.

Your distance isn’t forever. Perhaps two different jobs or dreams have pulled you in opposite directions. Perhaps it was meeting one another at a difficult time. Perhaps you have a magical story to tell, that will one day unfold an entirely new chapter when you are in vicinity of one another.

There is so much to enjoy right now. But know that this piece of your relationship isn’t permanent. And your love will only continue to bold, grow, bloom.

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