You Are God’s Child — He Didn’t Abandon You

girl looking out window knowing she's God's child

Some mornings you’ll wake up with fear like a thunderstorm, pounding and echoing in your head. You’ll roll over and look at your alarm clock, wondering if you even have the strength to rise and continue the day. Some mornings you’ll look in the mirror and hate what you see. You’ll notice all the flaws and imperfections before the beautiful creation. You’ll take note of everything you want to change, rather than what’s staring back at you completeness, in wholeness, in love.

Some days you’ll brush your hair, shrug on clothes, start a pot of coffee without thinking—all the mundane routines of your life filled with heartache, rather than purpose. You’ll wonder why you’re here, what’s the point, if anyone even cares.

But your God does.

See, you were created for a reason, with intention and passion in mind. You were made, every cell, with precision and care. You are God’s child, constructed in glory from the hands of a Father who loves you, will always love you, regardless of the lies you tell yourself.

You’re staring at your reflection, seeing all that you aren’t, but what He’s focused on is all that you are.

You’re closing your eyes, wishing this life away, but He’s longing to bring you closer and show you all the reasons to live. You feel lost and alone, but He’s welcoming you to His open arms. He’s handing you forever in the palms of your hands. All you have to do is open your fists, breathe hope, and step forward to Him.

See, you are loved. So incredibly loved. Loved in the moments you stray. Loved in the times you choose the wrong thing, even when you know what’s right. Loved in the darkness. Loved in the light.

You are loved when your life is going great and you feel you don’t need Him. You are loved when you struggle through your work week, wondering whether this is all there is.

You are loved, even when you feel unlovable. You are God’s child; He will never abandon you, whatever you face.

I hope you repeat those words to yourself this morning: “I am a son/daughter of the King. I will be okay. I am strong. I am not alone.” And I hope you keep saying them to yourself until you believe them.

I hope you look in the mirror and empower your soul, rather than hide it. I hope you dive into His word instead of standing on the edge, wondering why or if you’re worthy. I hope you step forward in faith instead of letting doubt and fear fill your mind.

I hope you choose to let His love in, let Him save you, let your life change.

I hope you hold onto the promise of His truth—that you are God’s child and you have not been abandoned. And even when life feels purposeless or empty, even when you face heartache or lose someone you love, even when the days feel long and heavy, He is here. And His love will not change.

You are worth far more than angry words, than negativity, than darkness you wear like a cloud above your head. You are deserving of love and joy, not anger and disappointment. And your Father is willing and ready to give you all of those things—a second chance, redemption, forgiveness, hope—if you choose to believe.

So what are you waiting for? Hold onto this truth: You are God’s child. You are here. You have purpose. Your life is ready to turn around. Step away from everything that’s keeping you captive. Step into His light.

He will never leave or forsake you, never let you struggle alone.

Find rest in your Father. And let your new life begin.

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