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6 Disney Plus Inspired Trips You Need To Start Planning

girl at Disney World having fun

Disney Plus (Disney+) has hit accounts all over the world—and everyone is freaking out. I was super excited to get the streaming free for a year (thanks, Verizon!) and I’m already loving cozy nights in, curled up in bed with my boyfriend, his son, and our dog reliving all my childhood favorites.

But whether you’re a ‘night in’ type of person, or one who’s filled with wanderlust, you don’t just have to enjoy Disney’s best from the couch. You can actually bring all the best moments from the 90s and 2000s to life with these themed vacations.

Here’s where you should travel to next year, based on your favorite Disney movie:

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (2003): Italy

Italy trip
Throw yourself back in time with this Costsaver’s Splendours of Italy trip. You’ll traverse through Italy and go to all the best Lizzie spots: the Trevi Fountain (where Lizzie made her wish and met Paolo for the first time), the Spanish Steps (where she gets her ‘popstar’ makeover), the Tivoli Gardens (where her and Paolo rehearse for the Video Music Awards), and of course, the Colosseum (where we heard the song of the decade for the first time).

This 13-day trip is only $1,825 and, you guessed it—hey now, hey now, it’s what dreams are made of.

Lion King (1994) Kenya:

Kenya lion walking
On the Kenya Wildlife Safari with Victoria Falls trip, you’ll immerse yourself in all the best wildlife experiences. From riding in safari vans to exploring Kenya’s reserves and parks, it’s the set of the move IRL—what can be better?

This 14-day excursion starts at $4,898 (with the option to save $500 if you book by December 5) and includes round-trip airfare, all tours, transfers, and accommodations. (Which comes out to about $350 per day).

Johnny Tsunami (1999): Portugal

people having fun in Portugal
On this 9-day Portugal City & Surf trip, you’ll experience all the surfing and yoga your heart desires. Whether you’re a beginner or Johnny-level surf pro, you’ll learn to ride the waves on all the best of Portugal’s coast and visit Lisbon, Porto, Santa Ruz, Lagos, Fatima, Coimbra, Averio, Obidos, and Evora (9 days, 9 places). You’ll also embrace your adventurous side with coastal bike tours, boat cruises, and sunrise yoga.

Plus, if you book this Disney Plus trip before December 18, you can get 25% the total cost!

Luck of the Irish (2001): Ireland

We’ve grown up with the stories of leprechauns, pots of gold, and Irish folklore, but now it’s time to see the motherland herself on this Intimate Ireland private chauffeur experienceh. On this trip, you’ll head to all Ireland’s major cities, including the Gems of Dublin’s Fair City, the “Right of Kerry” and the Blarney Woollen Mills.

The cost of this Irish adventure starts at $4,706.

Cheetah Girls 2 (2006): Barcelona

scene in Barcelona
Head on this Sagrada Familia & Park Guell tour and strut your stuff at the top of Park Guell, the place where the iconic girl group first sang back in 2006. Only $72 per person, this tour takes travelers through the most-visited building in Spain, the Sagrada Familia. On your way back, you can head to the Monserrat mountain, too, and see some of the most beautiful sites in Barcelona.

Lilo and Stitch (2002): Hawaii

Relive all the shenanigans of “Experiment 626” on this Hawaii Four Island Adventure. On this 13-day adventure, you can explore the sun, sand, and surf of eleven Hawaiian cities, plus three days dedicated to Kauai (the exact place where Stitch roamed back in 2002).

The trip starts at $4,450 and it also includes exploring a Kona coffee plantation and an interactive presentation of the island’s manta ray population.

So Where Will Disney Plus Take You Next?

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of reliving all my childhood memories IRL. From parading through the streets of Hawaii to learning Johnny-inspired surf trips, I’m excited to check some of these places out (and hop on the deals before it’s too late)!

Where are you planning to travel to in 2020?
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