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Forget Being ‘Safe’ – Sometimes You Have To Live

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Sometimes it’s beautiful to be careful, to take things slow. Sometimes the circumstances of this life teach us to be hesitant, to take ginger, gentle steps. Sometimes you should want to keep yourself from brokenness, from disaster, from pain. But sometimes you have to forget being ‘safe’ and simply live.

When we’re younger, we’re taught to respect our elders. We’re encouraged to follow rules, to walk in a straight line, to listen to others’ advice. There are boundaries we’re given—valuable ones, healthy ones—to keep us safe. And so we’re encouraged to follow them, to align our life and our path with all things good. These lessons build us, help us, and so we’re never hesitant in doing exactly as we’re told.

But when was the last time you didn’t listen to what everyone was saying and instead followed and trusted your heart?

When was the last time you said ‘no’ to the world and ‘yes’ to you? Or simply did something because it felt right, without gauging whether it’s ‘smart,’ or ‘foolish,’ or ‘dumb,’ or ‘good?’

We are told to be safe our entire lives—to take things slow, to be cautious, to do our research and never jump into something without thinking it through.

But being ‘safe’ will never help you avoid a hurricane, stop an out-of-control car from crashing into yours, pause a bullet in mid-air, or save you from a broken heart.

Being ‘safe’ will never protect you in a world where events happen without any regard to your plans.

There are some things in life that will occur despite how ‘prepared’ you try to be. And sometimes you have to take chances, kiss lips, leave places, say ‘yes,’ and step forward in order to grow.

Sometimes you have to live. Even if that means loving the wrong person along the way, or taking the job you shouldn’t, or launching the business venture that doesn’t pan out, or moving to a new place only to move back in a few years.

These are lessons, not failures. And the sooner you realize that, the easier your risk-taking will be. See, life not about toeing the line or doing all that you’re ‘supposed to do.’ It’s more about skinning your knees, bruising your shins as you run, crawl, kick your way through the mess.

And you can wear the armor and carry the sword, you can tip-toe through your days trying to be the best, the most cautious you can be. But is that truly living? Or merely existing in fear?

So forget being ‘safe’ – and live instead.

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