Finding Your Place, Letting Go

When You Surrender To The Universe

girl sitting on balcony learning to surrender to the universe

Life has a funny way of bringing us exactly what we need. But the problem is, we fight it. We fight it so much. We’re scared to surrender to the universe. We think that change will destroy us, and maybe in some ways it will, but change will break us down and mold us into the people we’re meant to be. We’re scared of letting go, but sometimes when we stop trying to hold on, we realize that we’ve been tied to people and things that have only held us down. We’re scared of the future, of the unknown—because we can’t control it. And stepping forward without plans can be unsettling.

But when we surrender to the universe, when we stop trying to determine the direction of our life, when we quit expecting people and things and situations to always make sense, when we let go and decide to not be so damn hard on ourselves, we see that the world will bring us exactly what we need, when we need it. We will see that lessons are blessings, that pain has purpose, that change brings healing. And we will heal, damn it. We will heal.

Featured Image Credit: Alessio Lin

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