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How To Celebrate Change In Your Most Difficult Seasons

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I’ve always been resistant to change — who isn’t? When I was younger, I remember being so afraid of what was coming next, so much so, that I was always running around like a crazy woman, desperately trying to plan for something I had no control over.

That’s how I’ve lived the larger part of my life—always thinking, always planning.

But when I left the Midwest, things got better. Instead of being so resistant and terrified about what was ahead, I started to realize that there wasn’t a single thing I could do. I started to accept my place in the universe—not as powerless, but as fleeting—and that took some of the pressure off.

Change is a part of our lives on this earth, but it doesn’t have to dictate or define us.

Change can become something we celebrate. And here are the ways I’ve learned how:

1. Find a piece of your past to hold onto.

The world says that you need to move on, let go. While I believe in, and appreciate this, I also recognize the importance of memories and their significance in our lives. It’s one thing to drift from things that no longer serve you. It’s another to hold special moments in the back of your mind.

As you recognize the ebb and flow of life, don’t be misled into thinking negatively about the past. The past is not wrong; it’s simply over. And whether or not you find value in all your old moments (which you definitely won’t for all of them), there is something you can appreciate. Those are the moments you keep close to you as everything changes. Those are the moments that you carry with you to help you grow.

2. Understand that change is a natural step in life.

Change is the only constant. I’ve always loved that quote for the simple power it brings. The sooner we accept that change is something we’re going to face every single day the sooner we can come to terms with where we’re headed, and find rest.

3. Choose to value the little moments.

I’m a firm believer in the beauty of little moments. It’s the little moments that show us how much people care, that teach us about ourselves, that bring us closer together. The little moments can give us stability within the change—treasure them.

4. Imagine the possibility.

When we’re caught up in a moment of change, we’re always so quick to think about what we’re going to lose or miss out on. Instead of focusing on what’s lost, think about what’s gained.

Focus on the possibility, on the hope, on the potential of the future.

And let your thoughts make a home there.

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